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BM # 16   Day 4

Chaat is a hindi word, which means to lick or taste.Who is not known to this wonderful street food of the North...this food which is actually finger licking.The street food is so popular that most of the hotels and restaurants serve it too.The special chaat shops are always crowded and this food is  famous as ladies food,but  one can see lot of men relishing these chaats too.

Chaats are tangy and spicy,sweet and spicy,crunchy and soft... tingling the taste buds and wanting more and more.The basic ingredients going in most chaats are boiled potatoes,chick peas and gram sprouts.The spices used are chaat masala,red cilly pwd,yellow chilly pwd besides the regular ones like salt and cumin seed pwd.A chaat would not be called a chaat without the combination of the chutneys like green chutney, sweet and sour chutney and red chilly garlic chutney.Of course yogurt is also a very important part of some chaats. Coming to garnishes..they do vary.Onions,tomatoes,shredded ginger ,chillies ,coriander and farsaans may be used.

Born and brought up in Delhi  this has always been my favourite food.I could literally take you to the best and most famous streets serving these chaats.To begin with there is a chaat wala who sells papdi chaat on Shahajan road .The chole kuche..the best ones are sold at Golhatti at Fatehpuri.The rabdi Faalooda is best at Giani di Hatti..oh I could go on and on....but lets get on to todays menu...

Dhaabe de chole
(chick peas cooked with tea bags and made spicy and tangy)
(flat baked bread)
Pickled onions
(baby onions pickled in vinegar)
Mixed pickle

 Papadi chaat
(Savory bites, served with beaten yogurt, potatoes and gram, highlighting with tangy sweet sauce and zinged with spices)

Gol gappe
(Check for flavored golgappas)

Aaloo tikki chaat
(Potatoes ,boiled and mashed to prepare savory cakes)

(Gram flour dumplings stuffed with chilly ,ginger nuts and raisins,served with yogurt garnished with spices and tangy sauce)

Rabdi Falooda
(Thick ,creamy sweetened milk served with crushed ice ,glass noodles ,garnished with rose syrup and rose petals)

And now coming to today’s recipe...


Gujiya’s are from U.P., a state in the Northen Indian.These are lentil dumplings stuffed with nuts and raisins,fried and then  soaked to make soft there after served with fresh whisked yogurt.Garnishing with lots of spices and shredded ginger and green chilly which  give a new dimension to the whole dish.Of course the sweet and sour tamarind chutney is a must.

500 gms........... udad daal batter
Salt to taste

4tsp.................. golden raisins
4tsp ..................melon seeds
2tsp.................. finely chopped green chilly
2tsp.................. finely chopped ginger
Pinch salt

Cumin seeds

The final garnish
Shredded ginger
Green chilly
Roasted cumin pwd
Red chilly pwd
Yellow chilly pwd

Sweet and sour chutney
(Khajoor imli ki chutney)

Preparing the yogurt
Pass the yogurt through a seive.
Add salt and a large pinch of sugar.

Making Gujiya
Add salt to the batter and beat till light and fluffy.
Preheat the oil.
Wet a thin muslin cloth,place it on a flat plate.
Place a little batter,size of a lemon.
Flatten with wet fingers to a 4’’ dia.
Place a little stuffing.
Carefully fold on..bringing the sides in front,forming a semi circle.
Carefully lift from the cloth and slide in the hot oil.
Deep fry adjusting the flame from high to medium and slow,so as to ensure even cooking.fry to a crisp golden.
Soak these in water for 15 mins.Add a large pinch of hing to the water.
Remove gently and press between your palms to remove excess water.
Place these in the serving bowl.
Pour whisked curd.
Sprinkle spices.
Add chutney and garnish.
Serve chilled for best results.

Basic Preperation


Dhaabe de Chole

Pickled Onions

Papdi Chaat

Aaloo tikki chaat

Rabadi Falooda Glass

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