Jain Parna Thali

BM # 16   Day 5

Paryushan is the king of Jain fesativals,which lasts for 8 days. The Jain festivals are not meant for eating,drinking,and to make  merry. They are celebrated by prayers worship and fasting,the Jains follow Lord Mahaveera.

During these 8 days the Jains do not eat any greens. By greens, i dont mean only leafy vegetables,but also veggies like corriander,peas beans etc.They do not consume onions and garlic or any other roots. The water that they drink is first boiled and then cooled, their meals end before sunset and after that they do not even drink water.

During these eight days their prayers are for promoting universal peace .Some of the Jains go on a only water fast for all eight days,this is called Aathaai.On the ninth day the fast is released to celebrate.sugar candy water and mung water are  the first drinks offered that too spoon by spoon.This breakfast meal is called Parna.The meal that is served is light, but delicious .I will share the traditonal meal which is offered to the guest...

To begin with
Sugar candy water
Mung bean water

The meal

(green gram cooked with mild spices)
Papad methi
(fenugreek seeds soaked and cooked with Indian papads)
(a drink made with roasted flour,nuts and spices)
(roasted wheat flour halwa,garnished with cardamon)
(Thin cracker bread,a gujju speciality)

While making the mung ,the water from it is used to make mung water.The candy water is made by soaking candy ,cinnamon ,clove and pepper  and then boiling and straining it.

Coming to the recipe....
1cup........... mung
1tsp............. oil
Pinch hing
¼ tsp ...........red chilly pwd
Pinch turmeric
Sallt to taste
Soak moong for 2hrs.
Cook these with salt.
When done temper.
Heat oil.
Add a pinch of hing.
Add ¼ cup water and red chilly.
Add a lemon sized piece  of jaggery.
Add ½ tsp lemon juice.
Boil this till jaggery melts and then add to the cooked moong.
Simmer for a few minutes making sure not to overcook.



papad methi



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