Minty Cheese Cucumber Bites

I go back when I was in school probably grade 5 or 6.As soon as the bus would stop at the dropping point  I along with my friends would straight head to the vendor who sold fresh cucumbers with chaat masala . Lemon juice drizzled on them ,these tasted just awsum.Ever since I have been very fond of cucumbers…oh but am I not supposed to be cooking paneer…yes I shall give you a special summer recipe which can be served as a biting  or something to munch on just for fun!!..a super quick one!!

100...........gms grated paneer
½ chilly
1tsp.......... fresh cream
 Few mint leaves
 Pinch salt


Peel the cucumber and cut into circles.
Place in ice water.

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend well.
Put this in a piping bag chill it for 5 minutes and then pipe it on the cucumbers. 
Garnish with mint leaves.

This goes to Kalyani's Magic Mingle ,where we have Paneer and Mint as the combo for this month's challenge.These bites also go to Gayatri's Walk through the Memory Lane hosted by Sizzling Veggies.

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