Monday, May 21, 2012

Paneer Cubes

BM # 16   Day 6

 For the sixth day of this marathon I wanted to make yet another paneer from the wedding spread.While working on it I failed not once but twice.The second time it was even worse.I made a smooth paste from cottage cheese and did’nt know what to do with it!!I just added whatever I could lay my hands on and came up with these cubes!!I deep fried these, may be I could have tried baking but frankly I was in no mood of more experiments!! I used the corn without soaking , which was a mistake..and wasted lot of time, so it would be a little soft.Soaking in warm water and letting it stand a while will definitely be a better option.Anyway here is a new trial…..

200gms............. cottage cheese chilly finely chopped
1...........................spring onion finely chopped
1tsp ....................corn meal soaked in warm water and squeezed out
½ cup................. fine bread crumbs
Salt to taste
Crumble the cottage cheese and blend it to a smooth paste.
Add all the ingredients.
Bind into a dough.
Make a big rectangular bar and then cut cubes.
Deep fry to a crisp golden.
Serve hot with schezwan sauce.

and I was glad that I failed on that recipe...I got a brand new delicious recipe!!
The cubes were crisp outside and soft inside and a little crunchy due to corn.The softness was a melting in the mouth kinds..guess due to blending cottage cheese to a paste.I had ready Schezwan from the hotel!!, but when I make it myself will surely post the recipe!!

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  1. these look so all the hard work panned out

  2. Hmm looks gr8 and really appeatizing!!

  3. Nice n delicious paneer cubes..quite unique recipe

  4. ur experiments are surely our gain!...these look totally delicious!

  5. Quite an irresistible cubes, sounds awesome and unique.

  6. That's one good experiment..I belong to that group which can eat paneer in any form..:) thank you..

  7. New recipe , sounds yum Surely kids love this. Great presentation and clicks.

  8. Mouthwatering recipe.......very inviting.

  9. Don't worry about failed attempts....hats off to your persistence. Love the new delicious recipe. I'm stunned by the results.

  10. Wow, nice to see the softness inside.

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  11. This was made today because it looked so quick and easy! And I have husband and kids asking for it again over the weekend! They loved it