Paneer Paandaan

BM # 16  Day 1 

For this Marathon I have picked up the theme pick one cook all…so this complete week I shall cook with the most versatile ingredient Paneer.I have cooked with Paneer before  but this is one favourite ingredient which most of us enjoy the most.

Weddings these days are an elaborate affair.Starting from décor to food we want everything to be stylish and elaborate.For us , I mean my hubby and me  attending them is a real quick affair.We bless the couple , say hi to a few friends and relatives, who meet while we stand in the queue and come back home.No dinner , no snacks!!..On these days the dinner is Aaloo or Mattar paratha.Recently  a friend’s son got married and since this was a very close friend we could not come back without enjoying the meal.The spread was really exotic.I was totally glued to the counters, trying to look for some new recipes.Paandan Paneer is a recipe from this wedding dinner.I ate one piece and then another trying to diagnose the ingredients. Well there were many spices but most of all I could feel the chilly.I decided to create my own version ,which was really appreciated by my family and personally I preferred my version to the wedding one!!

250 gms paneer cut into triangles
Few banana leaves

1tsp ..........kashmiri chilly pwd
½ tsp........ chilly flakes
2tsp.......... red chilly sauce
¼ cup....... mint leaves
2tsp.......... garlic flakes
2-4 tsp..... olive oil
Salt to taste
Place these triangles in a flat plate.
Sprinkle the spices , chilly sauce , mint and olive oil.
Mix them lightly.
Leave for about 30 mins for the spices to infuse.
Cut a square piece from banana leaf.
Place one piece on this leaf.
Fold the leaf from left and then right, then fold the top, securing the piece with a toothpick.
Prepare the rest of the pieces.
Heat a non stick pan.
Drizzle some oil and place these paan paneers.
Roast on slow flame  till the leaves change the color.
Remove the toth pick , open the leaf and enjoy   paneer paandaan.

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