Wednesday, May 23, 2012

South Indian Breakfast Thali

BM # 16   Day 1

After doing all those elaborate thalis,this week I am doing some mini could call them combos or platters..whatever ...the choice is yours....I will try and do as many as possible..but I have the choice to do a combo theme too..let me keep my fingers crossed..and hope I can make it to the end..For the first time I am not guys bear with me.....

 Very hesitatingly I am doing a South Indian Thali. Well for  me idli,dosa, wada uttapam are actually counted as South Indian…only with the BM I have known more dishes and now I can relate a little better.Still I have to learn to differentiate between the Andhra..Tamil and  Telgu!!..I was talking to one our BM friends and she said the same thing..”for us North Indian is the word!! difficult to say  if it is Kashmiri...Punjabi, Awadhi..etc etc…anyway  hope you like this thali, …this food surely needs no intro ….

Rasam – wada
( a tangy ,spicy soup with fried lentil fritter dunked in)
Idli – sambar
(fluffy steamed rice cake ,served with lentils)
Coconut chutney
(a dip made from grated coconut tempered with musturd and curry leaves)
Alam  chutney
(a dip made from ginger and red chillies)
Karam podi
(lentil spice powder)
Almond Saffron Payasam
(Indian dessert with rice and milk flavored with saffron and garnished with almonds)
Spiced Butter milk
(curd blended with water,herbs and spices to make a refreshing drink)

Coming to  Rasam Vada….

 2 tbsp................ toovar dal
1 small................ tomato, chopped
1 ½ tsp ............... tamarind soaked in ¼  cup water
2 tsp.................... rasam powder, 
1/8  tsp............... asafoetida (hing)
a pinch .............. turmeric powder 
salt to taste

1 tsp ....................ghee
¼ tsp .................. mustard seeds 
3 to 4................... curry leaves 

Boil the toovar dal with 1 cup of water and pressure cook for 2 to 3 whistles or until the dal is cooked.
Add the tomato and tamarind water .
Add the rasam powder, turmeric powder and salt with 3 cups of water and simmer for 8 to 10 minutes.
For the tempering, heat the ghee in a pan and add the mustard seeds,hing  and curry leaves. When the seeds crackle, add the tempering to the prepared rasam and simmer for another 4 to 5 minutes.
Serve with wada or as a soup.
 Garnish with coriander.


2 cups............ white urad dal 
6....................... green chillies  finely chopped
10 to 12.......... curry leaves 
Coriander leaves
Salt to taste
oil for deep frying

Wash and soak the dal in enough water for 1 hour.
Drain and blend in a mixer into a smooth batter.
Transfer in a bow, add the green chillies and curry leaves and mix well.
Heat oil in a kadhai, wet the palms and take some batter and flatten to a round shape.
Make a hole at the center with your thumb and slowly slide into the hot oil.
Deep fry to a crisp golden.

 Alam chutney(ginger chutney)

 Coconut chutney

 Karam podi

Rasam Wada

this is off to Valli's thali mela

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  1. Gosh I never expected you to come out with this when you said you were doing mini thalis..:) nice that spread!

  2. This is not mini thali .. Vaishali .. this is a heavy breakfast thali.. I admire you for the patience you have for making these thalis. In every way you are worth the award given to you.

  3. what a great looking breakfast...reminds me of the spread at taj's breakfast buffet , srved similarly in white pristine dishes...u rock

  4. Lovely spread ...what did you call this thaali as 'mini thaali'? My my should be named thaali queen ...lovely presentation and I love the color of your ginger chutney. Superb!!!

  5. thats a beautiful breakfast spread!...everything looks yum! beautiful presentation too...rasam vada is my hubby fav!

  6. this is one elaborate spread.. god! such detail thali.. they are to die for!Hail the kitchen queen :)

  7. Wow, Another round of Thali's from you!! thali looks super tempting!!!!!!

  8. Oh this is wat u call mini thali, for me its a detail and more elaborated spread, inviting breakfast thali.

  9. i wish i can have this thali for breakfast. everything is so delicious

  10. Everything looks so good, the colour of the ginger chutney.

  11. Wonderful spread of breakfast dishes.. Looks very inviting..

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  14. good one. I can never whip up so many things for breakfast :)

  15. Awesome job Vaishali. That thali looks perfect.

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