Chikoo Shake

 Wonder why life seems to be just running…I don’t think I have sat peacefully doing NOTHING or lazing in the past few months. Sometimes I long for a day where I can just relax. Well ,I guess I shall do it soon on our next week holiday.

This week I have been paired with Radhika …yes..the same Radhika of Tickling Palates who has got us together into a wonderful bond with Blog Hop. There is so much to cook from her blog. I chose the Date Cake …but had to give up as my hubby got a big cake ,which I knew would last a while. The next I wanted to do the apple crumble..this idea too fizzled out. Now I chose to do the Paneer Cheese Cresents..had no yeast!! me when one is short of time ….everything goes wrong !I had just one more day so finally decided to recheck Radhika’s blog!!..and what do I see?...recently posted Chikko Shake!!...This surely came as a life saver..can you believe my hubby had asked me to make a Chikko Shake that very  day!...I could’nt believe this I would’nt have made a Chikko Shake in years and suddenly…oh dear what a co incident!! I knew for this time I had to make do with this one…but my book marked list is saved for future.These are some of my favorite recipes from Rad’s blog!

2...............chikko,peeled,deseeded and chopped
250ml..... chilled milk
1tsp........ brown sugar
Vanilla essence
1scoop vanilla icecream
Blend all ingredients in a blender.
Pour in a glass and serve chilled.

I do not add any ice to the milk shakes as they tend to get watery.I normally half freeze the milk and add a scoop of icecream.This gives a wonderful flavor and adds to thickness.

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