Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gulkand / Rose Petal Preserve

 BM # 17   Day 3

I love roses specially the Indian variety.They lend a heavenly aroma.Love to use them in my dishes. Recently when our friend’s son got married we were left with a big basket of these.Normally I dry them , but since I had a good stock of the dried ones , thought of making Gulkand.

Gulkand is rose petal preserve which originated in India and Pakistan.This is a cooling agent and used mainly in paans. This is also used in some of the Indian sweets, it is quite sweet so people who are diabetic should not consume it.The procedure to make is really simple…

Rose petals

Wipe the rose petals with a damp cloth.
Discard the wilted or dry leaves.
Dry them for a while.
Using a sterilized  jar put a layer of rose petals .
Next a layer of sugar, again petals.
Repeat till petals are over.
Place the jar in the sun.
This shall take 2-3 weeks .
It can be stored  in the pantry and does not require refrigeration.
If you wish you can add cardamoms to it.


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  1. My fav when in India. Looks tempting.

  2. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my hubby got this for me. But after that never got a chance to taste this.

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  3. Love this one Vaishali.Its so delicious. I used to make Milkshake with it and it was awesome.Wish I had some now.Nice clicks :)

  4. New one and it looks awesome Vaishali.

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  5. I buy these now and then. I refrigerate them and then have a spoonful in the morning. You can literally feel the chillness and fragrance of the rose petals spreading through the body!

  6. nice recipe and perfect presentation!

  7. Wow gulkand looks irresistible and well done.

  8. That's really such a simple method to make this preserve!..thanks for sharing this Vaishali..so how much quantity is normally advised to be used?..few drops right..

    1. at least 1/2 tsp would go in a paan...but with milk it depends how sweet u want..a shake would taste awsum!!

  9. Wow I like those pan with gulkhand and milkshake with gulkhand is new to me.

  10. Hmmm my fav gulkand, looks so tempting...

  11. I definitely used to love gulkand in Paan. It has been so many years since I had a nice paan :)

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  12. That's such a flavorful preserve. I can almost smell it!!!!!!

  13. Ooh....just the sight of first picture transferred me to some Mughal empire....lovely Vaishali....only you can think of such exotic dishes with simple ingredients.

  14. Looks so easy vaishali!! but i dont get these roses here!!! i have tasted these, can feel the freshness as i talk!!!

  15. Wow Vaishali you make it so beautifully simple. Any rose is okay or you need special ones reason being I tried it once out of the red roses given to me but I must hav emade some mistake. :D
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  16. well actually you need the Indian variety of roses...we call them desi gulab..but u cud try again with those english roses..may be u cud add a bit of rose essence..try it shud work:))

  17. My mom used to make this...looks very nice