Monday, June 18, 2012

Sun Dried Chillies

BM # 17   Day 2

My Granny used to make these chillies..and I loved them even as a little girl. She bacame old and…mom never made such things. I started getting these from Mumbai from a South Indian store. The filling in those chillies had super duper salt! could say atleat triple of what is required, so finally gave up. I gave up on these till one day thought of trying them myself. They are very simple and add that zing to the food ,which is loved by the spice lovers. A simple daal rice menu..and two of these chillies crushed and sprinkled!.or a bite into them after every bite….!!!!!! mouth is watering while writing.!!  You guys must try these and I bet you you shall get addicted.I restrict myself to eating two at a time .....though I can have...well...lets not think of that now !!

Fresh green chillies
Lemon juice

Wash and wipe the chillies.
Make slits , keeping them intact.
Fill in salt a little generously.
Fill in lemon juice.
Place them in a flat pan and add some more juice.
Leave it in the sun to dry.
This should take 4-5 days.
Deep fry or shallow fry when you want to use them.

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  1. loved these sour and salty home made chilli crisp!

  2. I think this can be used to season the curd for curd rice.

  3. I love these sun dried chillies. My mom still makes them. She gave me a small pack couple of years ago but I am lazy to deep fry them.. :( That pack is still in my pantry. I will fry some this evening for dinner.

  4. Very interesting..we always make with curds..never tried with lemon..should tell mil abt it..:)..she is our official maker of such dishes..

  5. Ok just showed Athamma, she is asking if we need to fill in lemon juice only once or do we need to add everyday?..we add curds daily before it's dried in want to confirm..she is getting ready to make this twm..:)..

    1. Valli..just once!..but there is extra juice ,kind of soaked partially..u got to give it a toss now n then on the first day..the juice clings to these chillies and disappears soon.
      and I would like to try the curd variation.

  6. As Valli said we make this with curds your version is interesting with lemon juice will try next summer

  7. Lovely twist, never heard about this version of using lemon juice, we usually use curd for making this sun dried chillies.

  8. We make it with curd and deep fry these chillies till they are quite burnt. I love it with any south indian dish....these are small comforting additions ...looks so tempting!!!

  9. I have heard about chilies with curd but not with lemon juice.. Sure it must be delicious..

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    Showcase- FUN IN THE SUN

  10. Very interesting recipe. This could be a great combo for curd rice...

  11. Not tried with lemon...Will soon do it...Love with curd rice

  12. My mil also makes these soaking them in buttermilk. This version sounds good too!

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  13. We sun dry chillies soaked in yogurt. This is new and looks yummy.

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  14. We too make it soaked in Curd. Not me actually my Grandma darling used to do, she religiously gives it a toss everyday morning and keeps it in the sun, and we religiously eat it when it is ready!!!! :)

  15. I just eat these when my MIL serves them for me :D. Happy to be back in BM, Vaishali! I really missed it.

  16. Am not knowing this recipe,use to buy in Store!!lOOks nice,yummy with curd rice .spicy bite!

  17. We make similar dried chilies with sour buttermilk instead. My mom keeps my pantry stocked with them all the time.

  18. This is very new to make...looks very tempting too