Sun Dried Chillies

BM # 17   Day 2

My Granny used to make these chillies..and I loved them even as a little girl. She bacame old and…mom never made such things. I started getting these from Mumbai from a South Indian store. The filling in those chillies had super duper salt! could say atleat triple of what is required, so finally gave up. I gave up on these till one day thought of trying them myself. They are very simple and add that zing to the food ,which is loved by the spice lovers. A simple daal rice menu..and two of these chillies crushed and sprinkled!.or a bite into them after every bite….!!!!!! mouth is watering while writing.!!  You guys must try these and I bet you you shall get addicted.I restrict myself to eating two at a time .....though I can have...well...lets not think of that now !!

Fresh green chillies
Lemon juice

Wash and wipe the chillies.
Make slits , keeping them intact.
Fill in salt a little generously.
Fill in lemon juice.
Place them in a flat pan and add some more juice.
Leave it in the sun to dry.
This should take 4-5 days.
Deep fry or shallow fry when you want to use them.

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