Sun Dried Tomatoes

BM # 17    Day 1

I had heard of sun dried tomatoes from my m.i.l and actually found it strange.She used to dry tomatoes and powder them up and use when fresh tomatoes would get expensive or  for making a quick meal.After I got married she gave up kitchen....and so I never thought of these tomatoes.Sometime back my son got a packet of these and used in pizza, they tasted awsum , immediately the thought process went back to yester years....and that’s when I decided to make these at home.These might not look attractive, but they taste great !!Here is how you can do them.....

Pick even sized red tomatoes.
Wash and wipe them.
Cut the tops and cut them into halves.
Place them in a strainer.
Grind the sea salt coarsely and sprinkle on tomatoes.
Sprinkle your favorite herbs if you wish to .
Place them in sun, in the strainer itself,keeping it on some pan,so that the excess water is drained.
Make sure to cover these with a muslin cloth and please pick them up every night.
This shall take about 8-10 days to get ready  depending on the weather conditions.
Once ready you can use them on pizzas, make pesto or make oil or even crush them to make gravy !

cut into halves

sea salt or mota namak as we call it

sprinkle salt

sprinkle herbs

the dried ones

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