Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bibimbap / Korean Rice

BM # 18 Day 1

For the first week of BM #18 I have chosen Biryani's and Pulao's.I really don't know if I can put these in either of the categories..but since it is rice with veggies  I think I can post under this theme.

Bibimbap is a Korean rice sizzler ,full of veggies and with a amazing taste.I ate this for the first time in Japan.The rice is simple with sesame flavor but  it’s the sauce that gives the zing to this rice.After I got back from my trip I was really keen to try these , so I googled the recipe ,finally altered it to my taste and made.While in Japan my husband did not enjoy the dish, but when I made it here, surprisingly he really enjoyed his meal and asked me to add this to the regular menu.


2 cups ..................rice
150 gms................bean sprouts
150 gms.................tofu
2 ........................... .carrots
1 big bunch..........spinach
150gms................ mushrooms
150 gms................asparagus
150 gms................broccoli
Sesame seeds
Soy Sauce
Salt to taste

For the rice
Boil the rice with salt, make sure they are on the softer side.

Preparing veggies
Bean sprouts
Boil for a few minutes and saute’ with soya sauce and salt.
Make thin slices.
Saute’  in garlic and sesame seeds.
Grate on the thicker side of the grater.
Saute’  with sesame seeds.
Neatly trim the ends, keeping the stems.
Wash and blanch.
Rinse in cold water.
Squeeze out the excess water.
Saute’ with garlic.
Slice the mushrooms.
Boil for a few minutes.
Saute’ with salt and soya sauce.
Clean the stems and chop them into 3 pieces each.
Saute' with salt and soy sauce.
Cut florets and blanch .
Saute' them with garlic and sesame seeds.

Heat your sizzler plate.
Pour some oil.
Sprinkle sesame seeds.
Spread rice.
Arrange the sauted veggies.

Sesame oil is the best for this recipe..but you can use olive oil which is equally good.
Use as many veggies as you want.
Some others are cucumber, zucchini.
If some veggies are not available, use what is available.

 Hot Pepper Sauce
10-15 dry red chillies
(soak in hot water for 20 mins)
A small carrot
Asmall onion
8-10 cloves garlic
1/4tsp vinegar
Salt to taste
Boil all the ingredients with little water .
Cool and blend to a fine paste.

Serve Bibimbap with hot pepper sauce.
Since, rice is spread directly on the sizzler plate it forms a mild crust at the bottom...and this crunchy part is the most sought after!!
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  1. Looks very colourful and delicious!!!

  2. Yes, that's very flavorful and that crust at the bottom is awesome na...

  3. funny I cooked Korean food today also - made Ddukbokkie - this plate looks delicious - never had before - must try it soon!

  4. delicious and very new....for me...thanks for sharing...cant wait to try...I had some real funny sounding dishes while i was in tokyo but never got around cooknig them as I could not recollect the names...i will watch your space for the japaneses dishes that you are going to make :) Also watching Olives and Basil....talent is inherited- kudos

  5. Very interesting recipe. Rice looks so colourful and delicious...

  6. Amazingly healthy dish....though the name is sounding very funny to pronounce, I like the ingredients and the combination of vegetables in this dish...

  7. very different and interesting recipe.thanks for sharing such a colourful and delicious recipe!

  8. That looks delicious Vaishali. Trust you to cook up something like that!..very new and I am sure I will never be able to prepare so much!..:)..

  9. Looks so delicious n interesting dish...

  10. I love this dish..I make it slightly different...I liked ur version of sauce..yummy

  11. superb sizzler Vaishali.. Bibimbap is looking totally professional tthere ! perfect for the monsoony weather here !

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  12. Omg, wat an interesting and super tempting rice, looks fabulous.

  13. Bibimbap is one of may favorite Korean food. I once tried it at home and it was not as good as the restaurant one. Will try it gain with your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  14. That is a very tempting....Looks awesome

  15. Very colorful and deliciously inviting dish Vaishali

  16. I had bibimbap in Shanghai and loved it. I made it and posted a while back. You've reminded me to make it again.
    Yours looks very filling & delicious.

  17. Sounds interesting and flavorful...

  18. The name and recipe sounds very new to me but looks very colorful. when we make with our Indian ingrediants that taste different for sure and home made dishes will enhances the taste too I belive. interesting recipe will give a try with out tofu I can not have tofu because of my health resons will try with paneer..

  19. Looks Yum. The whole dish is new to me. Finally now I have a recipe to make on my sizzler tray lying unused since it was purchased.

  20. Never heard of this dish before. It looks colorful and healthy with all the vegetables going into it.

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