Thursday, July 19, 2012


BM # 18   Day 3

Paatra is, a traditional snack from Gujarat and is really unique.It is sweet, salty, spicy and tangy.It is made from colocasia leaves.A traditional recipe where the leaves are stuffed with gram flour batter.These leaves are rolled up and steamed and later tempered.

Two key points to this recipe are..
The leaves must be prepared properly.
The rolls should be rolled lightly.

4 colocasia leaves

1cup......... besan (gram flour)
½ tsp ........chilli ginger paste
½ tsp chilly pwd
½ cup....... jaggaery
2tbsp....... tamarind pulp
Pinch turmeric
Salt to taste
Mix the above ingredients and make a smooth batter with about 3/4 cup water.
CHECK!..This should be idli batter consistency.
When the batter is ready check the spices,sweetness..sourness..the basic khatta meetha proportions according to your taste.
Wash and prepare the leaves.To prepare leaves check Here
Apply the prepared batter and roll the leaves..Check the folds for rolling Here
Insert a knife to check if done.It should come out clean.
Cut into slices.


1tsp.......... oil
2-3 chilly roughly chopped
Few curry leaves
Hand ful peanuts
1tsp.......... mustard seeds
1tsp.......... sesame seeds
Pinch asafoetida
Heat oil.
Add  mustard seeds, sesame seeds, curry leaves, green chillies ,asafoetidia.
Add fried peanuts and then add the patra pieces.
Toss gently and garnish with coriander.

Sometimes after steaming we realize that one of the tastes is missing we can always add a bit of sugar or lemon or chilly at the time of tempering.

These can be deep fried too for a crispier version.

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  1. I have done this when I was in Mumbai...But I don't see this leaves in Chennai...Looks delicious!!!!!

  2. Awesome looking patra. Perfectly made.

  3. Nice recipe.. Thanks for sharing

  4. This is such a healthy snack Vaishaliji. I'm not sure if I get the leaves here though.

  5. I like this snack but never prepared it by myself

  6. I love the photos with the slices. looks perfect

  7. I have read so much about this dish that I always wanted to make it..we don't get the leaves here..on the other hand I also read that you have to very careful with the leaves as it sometimes causes allergy..anyway this is surely something one should make..

  8. We dont get this leaves, eventhough i wanted to try them since a long, they came out fabulous.

  9. I used to buy frozen packs of these from a patel store in US. Loved these. Don;t have access to the leaves :-(

  10. I've tasted it only once, but have been wanting to make it. Looks awesome Vaishali need to try it if I can get hold of these leaves here. Will be on the look out.

  11. Like Srivalli said, I have seen this in quite a few blogs but don't get the leaves here.Nice recipe Vaishali :)

  12. with shravan....we will be making these often at , lovely clicks

  13. OOO, what an awesome recipe. Bookmarking this one for trying!

  14. very nice. I have heard about patra but never attempted..sounds easy to make too. Shall try it out soon.

  15. I read about this in Tarla Dalal's book. But seeing it makes me drool....