Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Russian Tea Cakes

BM # 18   Day 1

I am not a person who is fond of biscuits and cookies, so normally I do not bake.While on my sneaks on TV shows in office I discovered this recipe .I decide to make them right away, for the first day of the second week where I will be cooking for kids evening snack.

These are small round shortbread like cookies that contain ground nuts.These are rolled in castor sugar while still hot.They are also called Mexican Wedding Cakes.

1cup.............. butter
½ cup............ sugar
2cups........... all purpose flour
½ cup........... walnuts, finely chopped
Vanilla essence
Castor sugar for coating the cakes
Beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy.
Add vanilla extract and walnuts.
Add all purpose flour and bind into a dough.
Shape into balls or cakes.
Bake at 200deg for 10-12 minutes.
Roll them in castor sugar while still hot.
Enjoy the crunchy bakes with a cup of hot coffee.

I cut down the recipe to half, but later repented!...Anyway these cookies or cakes whatever they may be called turned out delicious.,though I felt I should have removed them from the oven a min or two earlier…but everyone else did’nt feel so…so I guess I did a reasonable job.Also after I finished I read somewhere these nuts should be ground, but I liked them in my bite, so you could choose your option.

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  1. my best friend's husband is Russian and I love when I stop by and his Mom has just dropped off a box of these for the kids - my friend and I sit down and enjoy them with the kids with a glass of milk - they are perfect! and as always, the way you have styled cookies with flowers is just outstanding!!!

  2. You know I had this planned for the mela as well..yet to make them..so sweet of you to make them for me..thanks..:)

  3. New one and looks yummy. Love the clicks. Thx for linking.

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  4. i remember seeing the recipe on TV sometime...glad you made it , have a first hand review available, they look pretty

  5. I like nuts in my cookies but never tried shortbread cookies. They are looking crisp. I like the ingredients because of the small amount of sugar and you baked them so very well like that color. Yes like to have them with a hot cup of coffee...

  6. These looks so perfect vaishali

  7. If i make them, am damn sure that i wont stop munching them..Yummy tea cakes.

  8. Perfect cookies looks tempting and inviting....

  9. awesome recipe..... so perfect...

  10. Looks like nice tea time cookies.. I like to bite the nuts in my cookies.

  11. I made these for Christmas and loved them. They are so easy to make and taste great. Yours look awesome.

  12. Looks awesome Vaishali...the presentation is very neat and relaxing to see. Amazing recipe...quite interesting.

  13. They look cute! I bet they taste equally amazing, with or without tea.