Saturday, August 11, 2012

Almond Stuffed Apples

BM # 19   Day 2

I read about this recipe and it kind of fancied me.It surely was challenging to try a dish where you don’t like the star ingredients. Yes I hate apples..and I have never tasted tea!! Does this sound strange?..well people wonder how my eyes open early morning without tea or coffee..well they just open..I actually don't  need any drink to get going…anyway lets get on to this fancied recipe…

½ cup ..........toasted almonds
4tbsp........... brewed tea
½ cup.......... sugar
½ tsp........... almond extract
8....................medium apples, cored
Melted butter
4slice.......... bread, blended into crumbs
1cup............ sugar
Grind almonds.keep aside.
Blend tea,sugar and almond extact.
Add the almond powder to it and blend again.
Fill this paste in the cored apples.
Roll the apples in melted butter,then in bread crumbs and finally sugar.
Bake them in a buttered dish at 350 deg for 25 mins or until tender.
Serve with whipped cream.

These apples turned out very pleasing, but I wish I had cored them could have added more stuffing.The stuffing was actually very delicious .I was supposed to serve these with whipped cream, which would have enhanced the dish...I made a blunder by serving them as it spoilt the actual  feel of dessert!..may be next time.Will surely make these again and perhaps then I shall redo the pics too.

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  1. Wish to have this irresistible stuffed apples with few scoops of vanilla icecream,such a delightful dish.

  2. wow... very interesting recipe... looks delicious!!

  3. Wow that's very interesting one Vaishali...must have tasted so good..

  4. very interesting recipe Vaishali...please keep reading whatever you are doing these days as u r coming up with some real new recipes....i loved this recipe....just a little bit wary about the brewed tea....which i need the moment i get up but only as regular chai...but i m working to get over that fetish of using tea in other forms

  5. OMG wonderful recipe and those apples looks so perfectly cooked superb. with out chai or coffee my day won't start....

  6. Such an interesting dish.. Very nice.. I agree, It would be nice when served with whipped cream...

  7. OMG Vaishali, we have too many things in common -- I don't drink coffee or tea and I HATE apples too.
    I try NOT to buy apples and keep tea at home for guests. My husband LOVES coffee (he actually has 2 single-serve coffee machines at home for himself)..
    Stuffed apples with tea definitely sounds interesting.

  8. i absolutely LOVE this one..looks so awesome