Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chocolate Granola Squares

BM # 19   Day 2

Granola bars have become a good option for breakfast and since I love chocolate..I try to add it in most of the sweet stuff. Strange but my little two year grandson is a granola I sometimes give it that chocolate look .My daughter is happy to see the little one eating these healthy bites instead of that chunky chocolate bar.

¼ cup ........... butter
¼ cup............ honey
1/3 cup.......... brown sugar
2cups............ rolling oats
1cup ..............corn flakes
½ tsp............. vanilla extract
1cup ..............mixed nuts of your choice(I used almonds, hazel nuts and walnuts)
2-3 tsp.......... orange juice
Few fresh dried fruit (I had a bag of these with apples, kiwis, strawberry and a whole lot more) optional
½ cup.......... choclate
Mix the cereal, oats and nuts and roast for a few minutes.
Mix butter, honey ,brown sugar and orange juice.
Melt these over low heat.
Add vanilla extract.
Add the roasted ingredients  to the liquid ingredients and mix well.
Let stand a minute or two.
Transfer to a flat tray .
Put a layer of fresh dried fruits.
Appling weight ,pressing  it down so no air pockets remain.
Apply a thin layer of melted chocolate and place in the frig to set.
Remove after an hour.
Cut into squares.

Sending these to Srivalli's Kid's Delight an event hosted by me at Ribbon's to Pasta's


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  1. awesome... love chocolate too much in any form...

  2. wow....chocolate in granola seems like a good reason to make it

  3. Yumm, wish to start my day with this irresistible granola,inviting.

  4. Would love to have such yummy and healthy breakfast

  5. wow, this looks really very tempting

  6. Well I can never say no for such it first thing in the morning as well..

  7. Looks great.. no wonder your grandson loves it.

  8. Healthy and yummu breakfast. Kids favourite one.

  9. Tempting and delicious granola bars.. Very healthy..

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  10. Yumm.. Crunchy & delicious granola squares.. They've turned out perfect.

  11. mouthwatering and delicious granola