Friday, August 10, 2012

Lemon Tea Infused Pasta Salad

BM # 19   Day 1

I have never tasted tea, I do drink, but rarely.......maybe once in six months though I love its flavor and aroma.This time when Valli announced the BM  I thought since I don’t drink these two things it would be more challenging for me to work with them.
For Day 1 I have made a pasta salad .The pasta is boiled in lemon flavored tea. I used Tetley lemon flavored tea bags.So , lets check out the recipe…..

I cup...... pasta
3............. tea bags (tetley lemon tea)
1..............big mango,peeled cubed
1.............onion chopped roughly
1............ cup pomegranate pearls
1.............capsicum, cubed

¾ cup.... olive oil
1tsp....... mustard seeds
Juice of 1lemon
6-8.......... sundried tomatoes (soaked in water for 2 hours)
Salt to taste
Blend all the ingredients to a paste for dressing.

For the salad
Heat a pot of water.
Add salt.
Add tea bags.
Let the water boil.
Add pasta.
Let boil till done, removing the scum after every few boils.
Drain and keep aside.
Mix the pasta and the prepared mango,onion,capsicum and pomegranate.
Add dressing.
Mix well.
Chill and serve.


The pasta after being cooked with tea, changed its color , it lended a mild lemony flavor.I think I could have added more tea bags to get a darker color and a stronger flavor but on the whole the salad tasted really good.The sundried tomato dressing was delicious.

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  1. very colorful.. Lemon tea in a pasta - that is interesting..


  2. That looks so colourful and delicious!

    You can link this to the ongoing event on my blog -

  3. dish looks superb, and pics are like the best i have seen....i m little unsure about tea flavoring, but am not averse to trying it out if you serve :)

  4. nice idea to add tea flavour to pasta. I shud try this.

  5. Wow,you rock Vaishali, loved the way u cooked ur pasta, tea infused pasta rocks.

  6. hi first time here, you are having such a lovely space, happy to follow you.. when u get free time plz visit mine too....
    looks so inviting...

  7. Seriously you have never tasted it? nice that you took up this to try them..sounds interesting..

  8. that a very unique combination...pasta with tea flavour.... a must try

  9. Pasta infused with tea.. ? Very interesting. Never even thought about this combo..

  10. Ok!!! cooking pasta in flavored tea realy wonderful and the other ingredients fruits and veges made this salad so colorful.. feel like having that full bowl of salad.

  11. You are trying two ingredients that you have never tasted before -- that's AMAZING. I didn't think twice about this theme since I don't drink tea or coffee and couldn't muster the courage of making something with them.
    Tea infused pasta sounds delicious.

  12. what a unique idea...eventhough I drink and cook with tea and coffee, never thought of cooking pasta in tea innovative!!!

  13. very unique idea to make tea infused pasta!! very colorful and attractive too.