Friday, August 3, 2012

Paneer Koftas in Rich Gravy

BM # 19   Day 1

For the first week of this edition of BM, I have chosen Gourmet Gravies. A North Indian meal is normally rich by itself, but of course when we have dinners the same food cannot be served. It has to be special…rather rich. Now what makes these gravies rich? I would say some special ingredients and the style of cooking are the two main factors. The gravies are normally made with nuts, seeds, khoya, cream and milk. For Some gravies we use coconut milk too. Onion, tomato ,ginger and garlic are also important ingredients.

For the first day I have chosen to prepare a gravy , which does not have the regular cashew or is made with peanuts and Phool Makhana( lotus stem seeds.) This gravy is absolutely unique  and tastes very creamy.

2 chillies
1small ..piece ginger

Paste 2
2 ............medium onions

Paste 3
2tbsp.... poppy seeds
Soak the poppy seeds for an hour and then make a paste.

Roast and powder
10-15..... phool makana
1tbsp.... peanuts

4..............tomatoes, pureed
Milk as per consistency

Whole spices
2............big cardamom
2........... bay leaves
1peic... cinnamon
2- 4 .......cloves
1tsp..... cumin seeds

Dry spices
½ tsp.... turmeric pwd
1tsp..... coriander pwd
½ tsp chilly pwd
½ tsp.... garam masala
Salt to taste
Heat oil.
Add whole spices.
Add onion paste.
Add ginger/ chilly paste.
Cook till light pink.
Add turmeric, red chilly and coriander pwd.
Cook till the moisture from onions is gone.
Add pureed tomatoes.
Cook till dry.
Add curd and cook till oil seperates.
Add poppy seed paste, peanut and makhana pwd.
Cook till you get a good aroma.
Add salt and milk to get the right consistency of the gravy.
Simmer for a few minutes.
Sprinkle garam masala.

Phool Makhana

I used the gravy for paneer koftas, but this gravy will taste good with any variety of koftas or paneer. One can choose to add potatoes or some kind of mixed vegetables to this gravy too. In that case the gravy consistency has to be thick.
The recipe for the paneer koftas with this gravy…

300 gms ........paneer, grated
2..................... potatoes, boiled and mashed chilly, chopped
1tbsp ............coriander leaves
¼ tsp............. red chilly pwd
¼ tsp............. chaat masla
1tsp............... kasoori methi
1tbsp ............corn flour
Mix all the ingredients and make dough from the mixture.
Pinch out balls of desired size and shape and deep fry.
Place the koftas in a serving dish.
Pour hot gravy on top.
These koftas are very soft, so please do not immerse in gravy.They might crumble.
If the koftas have been pre pared, then microwave them for a few seconds before adding the gravy.

This dish is best served  with lachaa parathas, roomali roti or any flat Indian bread.

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  1. Ooooh.. that's definitely one rich & creamy dish. So many different flavors, I'm sure it tasted divine.

  2. wow... gravy looks so creamy and delicious... beautiful presentation...

  3. Never thought phool makhana can b used in a gravy like this..would love 2 give a try..

  4. That's fantastic one Vaishali...though we can follow so many ways to making a gravy rich, never thought of lotus stem, it's not used in our cooking, I have not used it till now. Good t know you can use this way too....thanks!

  5. Wow. Nice recipe..
    so lotus stem is also a secret to making rich gravies. I have never used it but looks very interesting and would love to try this


  6. Omg, gravy with phool makhana looks irresistible, fingerlicking and mindblowing.

  7. using makhane to make gravy thick is a very innovative idea.

    The dish itself looks mouth watering .....

  8. can eat it just on its own in a bowl...looks lovely

  9. Wow Simply superb..... Iam just watching that gravy. Very interesting that you use phool makana powder in gravy . Long back I used this phool makana powder in kheer to thecken the kheer.In gravy very good idea will try next time.And yes insted of using khova and other thing phool makana is the best idea.....

  10. Very rich gravy and it looks delicious...

  11. Rich and delicious kofta gravy..
    Surely fit to be in the royal kitchen..
    Thanks for linking it to the event.
    Divya's Culinary Journey

  12. Wow that is an elaborate and super rich dish. I have used lotus seeds in kheer but never in gravies.Got to try it...

  13. loved all the step byu step photos in this post

  14. Never knew phool makhana can be used in gravies. I haven't tried them..sounds very interesting.

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