Shahi Tukda with Badaam Gulkand

For this Blog Hop , Radhika sent us the schedule just one day before Raksha Bandhan. I was paired with Priya Mithrawal of Mharo Rajasthan. Priya is not new to me and I have been to her blog many times. She has a treasure of Rajasthani recipes , which happens to be my second favorite cuisine. the first of course being Punjabi. Since the next day was Raksha Bandhan I wanted to make a sweet. I picked Shahi Tukda.

Shahi Tukda  is a rich Indian sweet , where you deep fry the bread and soak it in a sugar syrup, which is flavored with cardamom and saffron. It is served with rabdi .  Rabdi, is nothing else but milk which is boiled and reduced to nearly 3/4.

The original Shahi tukdas are bread slice cut into two and then fried  and topped with rabdi and nuts. i hate when you serve a sweet and people tell you to cut down the quantity. just spoils the whole thing.So ,I gave a  little twist to the original recipe and made petite bites. I changed the rabdi  flavor too .Check it out.... 

4 slices.......... bread
Ghee for frying
Cut the bread with a cookie cutter .you could cut any shape, but I cut them into small bite sized rounds.
Deep fry in ghee adjusting the flame now and then to ensure they become crisp and light golden.
Keep aside.

Sugar syrup

6............... pieces badaam katli (a sweet made with almonds and sugar)
1tsp ........gulkand  /rose petal preserve
1/2cup.... milk
Boil the milk.
Add crushed badaam katli and gulkand.
Cook till thick.
I gave it a quick churn in the blender.

Rose petals

Toss the fried bread into the sugar syrup.
Place a spoon full of the rabdi.
Garnish with rose petals and pistachios.

another version of this sweet is Double ka Meetha from The City of Pearls...Hyderabad..and yet another twisted one is Chocolate Shahi Tukda with Orange Sauce.Yes ,you guys guessed right, this surely ranks high in my cooking !!

These shahi tukdas go to Pari's event of Royal Kitchens at Divya's culinary journey and Kid's Delight at Pumpkin farm

 Only Royal Cooking

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