Trifle Pudding for a Crowd

BM # 19   Day 1

Another week starts and for this week I have chosen Chocolate as my theme.I guess you all are aware that I am hosting Srivalli's Kid's Delight for this month which runs from 15th Aug -15th Sept. Do send in your entries . Must tell you there is a surprise giveaway too...this being my first event.

For today I have chosen to share my Trifle Pudding recipe.The recipe is simple but a special one.Our friend’s son was getting married and the venue was our Banquet hall.I took charge of this pudding which was to be served to 150 people. I wanted to bake the cake myself too, but ordered it , as I wanted to enjoy the pre wedding functions too.To make individual servings was a little tedious ,specially with the heat of Indian summer. Anyway I decided to make 100 servings as there was too much food  plus another dessert. I ordered 5kgs cake , used  2 litre milk for vanilla custard, 1kg fresh cream and about 5kg fresh and tinned fruit. I used the plastic disposable glasses to serve.

What you need is….
Chocolate cake
Fruit syrup
Fresh  sweetened whipped cream with  vanilla extract
Mixed fruit
Chocolate cake
Fruit syrup
Vanilla custard
Garnish with fresh cream and cherry.
This is the sequence in which I made  the pudding .
You can use any cake.cut rounds from cake for that even look in the glasses.
The syrup I used was from the pineapple and cherry tins.
The fruits I used
Fresh mango
Fresh seedless grapes
Tinned pineapple
Tinned pitted cherry
(this combination is  one of the best, but you can make your own combination)

Vanilla custard
½ lt............ milk
3tbsp ........custard pwd
Sugar to taste
Boil milk.
Add sugar.
Dissolve custard pwd in cold milk.
Add the dissolved custard to the boiling milk.
Stir continuously, till thick.
I made the custard a little thick.
Chill at least 2 hours.
This is the basic custurd recipe which I follow. It can be multiplied.

This trifle turned out absolutely fantastic. The cake and cream were over, but I was left with some fruits and probably a small bowl of custurd. The guests were really happy and specially the groom, he was touched that I had put in that special effort and made the dessert personally, where I could have actually ordered  my staff.

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