Uluthan Kali Tamil Specialty for ICC

For the first time I was very hesitant to prepare the ICC post.Was I lazy?..busy??..no..somehow I was not sure how this halwa would turn out and decided not to participate this month. Normally I am done with my posts much ahead of time and everyone knows that, so Preeti called me to ask the feedback on this sweet.She seemed very confused so I decided to do the post. Padma was sweet enough to explain me all the details.And, here I am ..prepared the halwa just in time…and glad that I tried it.

¼ cup........... rice,roasted
¼ cup ...........udad daal roasted
1 ½ cups ......water
¼ cup........... grated jaggery
2 ....................cardamons
2tbsp............ ghee
Dry roast the rice and udad daal separately.
Grind to a slightly coarse powder.
Place water to boil.
Add jaggery and cardamom.
Slowly start adding the flours, stirring continuously, so no lumps are formed.
Add ghee.
Cook on slow fire for a few minutes.


 perhaps you could roast the daal a little less!!

This halwa turned out something like the udad daal halwa that we make, but definitely a easier and much lighter version.I could have added 2 tbsp  extra ghee..and it would have been the real Punjabi Maah de daal da halwa. This Halwa is really very healthy  and nutritious.

Must tell you that it was appreciated by all the halwa lovers in the family.Thanks Valli..I am glad I participated..thanks Padma..and Preeti for motivating me!!

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