Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Daal Raita from Kangra Valley

 BM # 20   Day 3
Since the last two days of BM I have been posting daals from Kangra Valley which is a beautiful valley of North India. Madra and Khatta both are very popular dishes of this valley.When I first heard the name Daal Raita, I felt it must be some kind of curd preparation.No, it is not so .This is Pigeon Pea daal prepared in the most simple way, but tastes absolutely different from the daals that I have had till date.Let's check the recipe.I am still wondering as to why it's been named Daal Raita.

1 cup........... pigeon pea daal / toor daal boiled

1/4 tsp......... cumin seed

2-3................ whole red chilly
1/2 tsp......... red chilly pwd
1/4 tsp......... turmeric pwd
1tsp............. kitchen king masala / curry pwd
2tsp............. tamarind pulp(this can be adjusted according to your taste)
1/2tsp ..........mustard pwd
Boil the daal with salt and turmeric.
Mash it with a ladle.
Heat oil.
Add cumin seed.
Add whole red chilly , red chilly pwd and kitchen king masala.
Make sure the spices don't burn.
Immediately add to the daal.
Add the tamarind pulp and mustard pwd just before serving.

The consistency of this daal is on the thicker side , even though it is served with rice.I Made it just as a regular daal consistency .

The daal is little spicy, little tangy but delicious and can be made without any fuss.

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  1. it looks super inviting...beautiful picture

  2. Omg, daal raita looks irresistible and truly inviting.

  3. Very interesting! This looks like a cross between regular dal and sambhar. Inviting pics!

  4. Wow this is definitely a must try.Will be a hit.

  5. The tadka looks awesome on the dal, I'm sure it would have tasted awesome too.

  6. Your clicks always make me hungry!

  7. not what I expected when I heard the name - but looks good