Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Garnishing with Bundles, Ties and Bows

BM # 20   Day 2 

I picked the theme garnishing, but while working on them realized the rainy season is absolutely the wrong time for this . I went bonkers looking for the right veggies and most of all fresh leafy stuff.I guess it was a real challenge , all the same I enjoyed it  thoroughly. For the 2nd day of BM I shall tell you about very simple garnishes which are made in a jiffy.

Bundles of vegetables tied with strips
These make a very attractive garnish for buffets or for plating.

Peel the carrots.
Blanch them lightly.
Immerse in cold water.
Cut a length wise strip, so that the carrot can lie flat on the cutting board.
Similarly cut from other sides too, leaving a square carrot.
Now these have lot of variations.
You could cut these into match stick julienne.
Cut them into cubed sticks.
Cut them into zig zag sticks.
Vary the length and thickness, and the garnish look changes.Here you have to use your creativity.
The similar bundles could be made with different beans.
You have to blanch the beans like carrots.
(oops!!...I did not blanch them!!)  
Make sure to  trim off tails.
The bundles can also be made from radish.The red radish bundles look very beautiful.(unfortunately , not the right season, will surely add them as the season comes.)

Coming to ties…
We can use..
Spring onion
Lemon grass
Dill sprigs
Peel the strip from the blanched carrot .
Trim the sides to make a long thin strip.
Snip off the edges to a V or slant.
Tie it to the bundle.
Immerse this in ice water.
Similar ties could be made from the harder veggies, which should be blanched.Infact you shall have to immerse the leek or spring onion leaves too in hot water for a few seconds, then  rinse in cold water.The ties will not break and the bundles will be securely tied.
For the Zuccini ties, I made a thin slice and blanched it.
Remove the flesh .
Trim to the required size.
Choose some fresh leafy greens and add to the bundles.

Carrot and Cucumber bows
Shave a fine strip of carrot or cucumber, with a vegetable peeler.
Make a cut along the middle of the strip, Do not cut through.
Push one end through the the cut.
The strip will twist into a spiral.
Immerse in chilled water.
They will get firm and crisp in about 30 minutes.
Use dark green cucumbers peels, or zucchini peels.
For a double color effect use an unpeeled cucumber.

Cut a flat thick slice from carrot, cucumber, zucchini.
Using apple corer, cut through.
A beautiful log will be made.
I have used zucchini, the red beauty is karonda ..and a mint sprig.
Karonda could be substituted with cherry tomatoes .
For the carrot log I have placed it on a tomato slice a cucumber slice, encircled with onion slice.
The red heart is a cut out from red capsicum..with a coriander leaf.

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