Garnishing with Flowers

BM # 20   Day 3

The third day of BM and  today I shall tell you about vegetable  flowers.One of the most attractive and creative way to present a dish is with vegetable flowers, curls and sprigs. Roses surely take a lead in flowers.The roses carved out of beetroot or turnips, or basically the hard vegetables, are little tough and need some practice. The  roses made with vegetable peels or slices are rather simple and can be made easily .The best is you do not need any tools either.I love making Tomato roses..the vibrant red tomato attracts and adding a little green to it does wonders.So first we shall begin with a tomato rose.

Tomato Rose
Take  a firm red tomato.
Cut off a ½ ‘’ wide spiral strip using a sharp knife.
You just have to go on without any breaks in the spiral way.
Roll the strip into a rose, loosening the roll as the rose gets larger.

Zucchini / Cucumber Roses
Using a vegetable peeler, remove a slice of the cucumber / zucchini / radish.
Hold the strip and roll a little. Twist and roll again, following twist and roll method till you reach the end of the strip.
Secure with a tooth pick.

Corn Leaf Roses
I used corn leaves too to make similar roses.
While securing at the end you shall have to trim the end a little, as these leaves are a little hard and it gets difficult to secure them.
Make sure you use the inside leaves of the corn as they are much more tender  and cleaner.I flipped over these, as you can see each vein of the leaf is seen and it looks very beautiful , but of course with a's not edible.

Carrot / Zucchini / Cucumber Blossoms
Take an unpeeled zucchini / cucumber.
If using a carrot peel it.
Halve it lengthwise.
Shave off a thin slice using a vegetable peeler.
Be sure to remove this slice from the cut side.
Along one edge make comblike incisions.
Roll up the slice.
Secure with a tooth pick.
Place up right.
Lightly pull the petals apart.

Double Colored Blossoms
You could make these in double colors too.
Once you finish rolling the first color take another strip and roll on top of the first strip.
You could give them a centre if you want to.

You have to prepare the strip in the same manner as you did for the blossoms.
Roll this strip and secure at the bottom edge.
Transfer into ice water for a firm and crisp swirl.

Cut out Bell Peppers
To make these you must clean the bell peppers and discard the seeds.
Remove the white pith too.
Wash and keep it ready.
Cut broad strips from the desired color.
Use a small cookie cutter, cut out shapes.
Arrange in groups.
You could make edgings to salads or use these while plating. 
I used the three different colors of bell pepper, but for spade I used blanched beet root.
You can also use blanched vegetables for these cut outs.

Red Onion Flower
Peel the onion.
Make sure you do not snip off the end.
The top needs to be snipped off a bit, so it can stand.
Go along the curves of onion from top to bottom, making sure the onion remains intact.
Make incisions all around the onion.
Place it in ice water with a drop of red food color.
You could also add lemon juice and salt, this shall give it a baby pink color.
I used some beet root juice.

Spring onion Brush
Cut a spring onion about 2’’ long.
Starting in the middle , cut slits, moving from left to right.
Make sure the bulb is intact and only the leaves are being cut.
Place in ice water.
This will help the end to curl up.

Creamed Onions

Garnishing is a very wide topic and this was just a glimpse of it. Hope you all enjoyed this series .Would have loved to do loads more, but may be another time.

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