Monday, September 17, 2012

Mango Lemonade

BM # 20   Day 1

Any party is incomplete without a kid's favorite drink.Kid's love lemonade and their favorite fruit is mango, so here is a drink for the first day of this edition of BM.The lemonade is flavored with mango, and also has mango chunks to eat.This Mango Lemonade is a big hit at parties.

 4tsp ................sugar syrup
2tbsp............... lemon juice
1big.................. mango, cubed
Water / soda
Ice cubes
Lemon slices
Mix sugar, lemon juice, water and half the mango.
Add ice cubes.
Blend lightly with a hand blender.
Add rest of the mango and garnish with sliced lemon / oranges.

This is a drink that I normally make on those hot summer days when you don't feel like eating, this serves the purpose of a meal to me, but the kids simply love it and want it practically every or no party!!

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  1. beautiful drink!kids will love it anyday!

  2. Fantastic drink for kids and adults

  3. Even the weather is bit chilled,i wont mind having this yummy lemonade.

  4. Hi Vaishali ....
    mango lemonade looks yummy !!!
    Glad to follow you :-)
    Please do visit my space in your free time !!!


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  5. Never thought about a lemonade with mangos..very interesting Vaishali..and love those mango pieces in between bites!

  6. What a color..Sure kids will love the color!

  7. mango and lemonade....lovely combo. mm mm good!!!

  8. Even I wouldn't mind a huge glass of this lemonade.So tempting Vaishali...

  9. Yes, Valli is right. Never thought about a mango lemonade before! Looks lovely!

  10. Mango lemonade looks refreshing. Kids and we also love this.