Pickled Baby Onions

 BM # 20   Day 3

 For the third day of this marathon I wanted to cook something with a different variety of onions, but somehow my love for baby onions and this particular pickle, made me post this. A meal without onions is kind of incomplete, specially a north Indian meal.This is a pickle  which is oil free and can be enjoyed with any meal.The tangy water too has a terrific taste and we  pour this over the rice, specially the methi rice , but it tastes equally delicious with plain white steamed rice.

250gms.... baby onions (you could use the big ones, cut them into quarter)
4tsp........... mustard, pwd
2tsp........... red chilly pwd
½ tsp......... turmeric pwd
Salt to taste
Peel the onions, give them a boil in water.
Place these in a jar.
Add spices, including  salt.
Mix well.
Add water to cover the onions.
Close the lid and shake the jar.
This shall take about 3-4 days to get ready, depending on the weather conditions.
Make share you shake the jar at  least 2-3 times in a day.

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