Spicy Pumpkin Hummus

 I have never cooked with Pumpkin,what does one do to those mind blocks, I always thought pumpkin to be a sweet veggie and that is one thing I don’t like.As a result never cooked anything.With Kalyani announcing Magic Mingle ingredients..I was kind of lost did not  know what to do.No choice left for me , so kept racking my brains and finally have come up with this dip.So let’s check the recipe…

1cup......... boiled pumpkin
¼ cup....... boild chick peas
¼ cup .......olive oil
4dry ..........red chillies
1tsp ..........cumin seed
4pods...... garlic
1tbsp....... curd
Juice of half lemon
salt to taste
Blend all the ingredients to a smooth paste.
Serve with your favorite chips or pitta bread.

 To be frank I was very hesitant to taste the dip, but trust me I was amazed, it tasted really wonderful. A big Thank You to Kalyani for introducing Pumpkin in my food..and now friends, I shall come up with another recipe with this combo so watch out!!

Also sending this to Priya's CWS hosted by Foodmania and Radhika's Let's cook Legumes

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