Blueberry Chocolate Cake with Cherry Sauce

BM # 21  Day 3

Forever we feel we are busy, running short of time , trying to find short cuts .Well for the third day of  Kid’s Party I made a blue berry chocolate cake.The cake turned out delicious and I served it with vanilla ice cream and Cherry Sauce.

Now to reveal the truth..the cake was made from a ready cake mix pack!..yes, when I am running short of time, I switch over to these products.They have come up with loads of ready cake mixes, but I like Tarla Dalal's..I used chocolate flavor, the other flavor that they sell is vanilla which is equally good.

I made the cake as per the directions on the pack , added 1tsp extra cocoa pwd and a handful of dried blue berries.It took me just five minutes to do the mixing plus the baking time.Now ain't it super fast?...I call these products as life savers.

Since I was not doing the cake,..and the ice cream too, I felt guilty so I decided to make the Cherry Sauce .Here goes the recipe.  

1cup........ cherries(pitted)
1/4 cup.... water
1/4 cup ....sugar
1/2 tbsp ...cornflour
few drops lemon juice
Boil cherries,sugar, water and lemon juice for a minute.
Remove the cherries.
Add dissolved cornflour, let it thicken.
Remove from fire.
Add cherries.
Cool and use.
Well if you do not get fresh cherries, you can still make the sauce with canned ones.Skip the first step, where you have to boil the cherries.

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Sending this to Valli's Kid's Potluck party

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