Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dark Fantasy 3 Minute Cake

The Mug Cake has been on my to do list since ages, every time I post pone it, wonder why? For Blog Hop we need to cook from our partner’s blog. For this month my partner is Charul Ajmera.What a lovely blog she has!!..I thoroughly enjoyed browsing the recipes, don’t know , but I found her choice of recipes similar to mine .There was a whole lot in her treasure, but I chose The Mug Cake!..

I did not make any changes, only change was the oreo cookie…I used Dark Fantasy , this being my favorite cookie.

The recipe is simple…
3tbsp...... all purpose flour
3tbsp.......sugar pwd
3tbsp...... melted butter / oil
3tbsp ......milk
1tbsp...... coco pwd
2tbsp...... crushed chocolate cookie
1/8 tsp .....baking pwd
1/8 tsp..... salt
¼ tsp....... vanilla extract
Put everything in a mug.
Whip it up., I had a mini blender.
Microwave on full power for 1min.
Check!!..if the tooth pick comes out sticky, MW for 30 secs more.
Let rest a minute.
Dig in!!


To remember
The mug should be just half full, so the cake has space to rise.
You could make variations by adding nuts / berries.
Trust me I am off sweets   .but…I just could not resist this super moist chocolaty cake, it sure is a treat.Thanks Charul, I totally enjoyed it…and a perfect recipe!

sending this to Vardhini's event Bake Fest hosted by Fun, Food and Cafe
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  1. Thank you Vaishali for trying this one. I also love this one. Imagine this cake warm with a dollop of ice-cream on top! Yumm, right.
    Thanks once again for trying and I am glad it came out food for you too. :)

  2. So simple and easy. Amazingly delicious. Great instructions.

  3. Oh Boy..this is an excellent one. I shall definitely use the mixer you sent me :D

  4. lovely ! nice n quick not to mention so very much satiating !

  5. Irresistible cake, my all time favourite..

  6. Quick treat for sweet tooth..simple and easy cake..

  7. Cake looks delicious.. Beautiful clicks..I made a mug cake too for the blog hop.

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  8. Quick Cake Recipes are a real gift!!! Cake looks super delicious!!!

  9. I also made the same recipe from charul,s space. It tasted divine!

  10. That indeed looks like a treat hard to resist!! thanks so much for sharing this with the Bakefest!:)