Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grape and Orange Drink

BM # 21 Day 2

Any party without a chilled drink is incomplete.The second day of this BM I have made a sweet and mildly tangy juice, with shreds of apple.This is the first time I tried the combination of black grapes and oranges.I am sure it will be a hit at  the Kid’s Party  .

There is no particular recipe to follow, but  here are a few things that go in to make this drink a hit.
Grape juice
Orange juice
Shredded apple
Orange slices for garnish
Pour orange juice upto ¼ glass. Top with grape juice.
Add shredded apple and garnish with orange slice.

Points to remember
Check the juice, if it is sour add sugar syrup.
The juice should be chilled.
The empty glass should be kept in the freezer to chill.
If you do not have an orange, you could use orange crush or squash.
I have used fresh juices, but you could try using the ready ones too.


Sending this to Valli's Kid's Potluck party


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  1. Such an incredible drink, feel like finishing that whole glass.

  2. Tangy flavours are really refreshing.........

  3. looks so beautiful and like the idea of adding shredded fruits

  4. i am so thirsty!!!! looks so yummy!!!
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  5. I don't make that much flavored drinks at home, you are tempting me way too much ...I need to really learn to make them from you.

  6. Looks so inviting. Loved the way you have made the drink and garnishes...

  7. The presentation really takes the cake. And the combination of black grapes, orange and apples is quite new too

  8. Ah very filling indeed!..and lovely colour..

  9. Lovely drink, interesting way to make too..