Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jewelled Rangoli and a Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

Diwali is one of my favorite festivals.I love to dress up my house .Normally I start preparing and collecting things much before the festival.This year we shall be celebrating Diwali in New York with some cousins. But what happens to my rangoli? I decided to do a rangoli which  can be prefabricated . I have packed this rangoli and shall use it there.

This Rangoli has been made on a MDF. MDF is medium density board which is easily available in the market.I roughly decided on a design and got my pieces cut.I choose to make a center piece, some small circles , some big circles , paisleys and some leaves.I got these cut on a lazer machine to get neat cuts.I used white acrylic paint for the first coat .The second coat was with pearl white acyrilic color.This gave it a sheen.

Once these pieces dried I used pearls, blings and sparkle to decorate these pieces.I used fabric glue to stick these.

I just did a some quick set ups with the same pieces.One can do so much more with them.Once the festival is over, just pack and reuse them as and when required.

I have made floating rangolis too on the same pattern.For these I have used an OHP sheet.This is easily available at any stationery shop.The procedure to make these floating rangolis is here.

To know more about these rangolis check ….

while working on these pieces

The pieces being cut on the lazer machine

circle , leaf pattern

paisley with gold beads

paisley with white blings

with square format center..rest of the pieces are same

Floating Rangoli pattern

These just need to be placed in a wide pot full of water.You could add some floating candles to enliven it.

Once again wishing all my friends a very Happy Diwali !!

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  1. Lovely work.This jewelled rangoli is a hit during Navrathri here and now I get some idea to make my own piece.Happy Diwali to you too.

  2. Wow, the rangoli looks great, Vaishali. Happy Diwali to you...

  3. What a beautiful idea!! Thanks so much for sharing with us. You sure do have a lot of patience to do all this stuff and take it along!!

  4. And wishing you and everyone at home a very very happy Diwali :)

  5. Awesome Vaishali, I wish you saved this up..:)..looks so pretty and you have so much talent..

  6. beautiful and so happy to have you celebrating this wonderful holiday in my city!!!

  7. Amazing stuff Vaishali. Love that you have shown step by step pics. :)

  8. i have no words to say!!! amazing!!!! what an art, what a creativity!!
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  9. wow Vaishali...this is amazing...and u r too good , to make a step by step pic of this

  10. Wish you all of the people happy Diwali.I am going to enjoy this day with a great bash and boom.Diwali is incomplete with Rangoli and diwali flower decoration.

  11. Good Design, really super...

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  12. Wish all of you a happy and prosperous Diwali.May this Diwali bring lots of happiness to your life.