Friday, October 12, 2012

Stuffed Tinda / Apple Gourd

BM # 21    Day 3

The third and the last day of the BM for this week.Well for me I am taking a short break from I am travelling.Of course I shall  try to read posts but..things are so different while on a holiday.Anyway, for today I have chosen stuffed tinda,these are also called Apple Gourds.The tindas have been stuffed with Moong Daal.The first picture one feels probably there has been a typo..these look like tomatoes, but they are on....

Preparing the tindas
500gms ........tinda / apple gourd
1......................beet root, large
Salt to taste
Peel the tindas.
Heat a pot of water, add peeled chopped beet root and little salt.
Let boil.
Add the tindas, let cook, till done.
Drain and remove the tindas and beet root separately.
Use the beet root for some dish or salad.
Let the tindas cool down.
Scoop the centre with a melon scooper.

1cup.......... yellow moong daal, boiled with salt and turmeric
1tsp........... oil
½ tsp......... cumin seed
½ tsp .........whole coriander seeds
Pinch asafetida chilly, finely chopped
1..................onion, small, finely chopped
½ tsp chilly pwd
½ tsp .........dry mango pwd
¼ tsp......... garam masala
Coriander leaves
Mint leaves, finely chopped
Heat oil.
Add cumin seeds, coriander seeds and a pinch of asafetida.
Add green chilly and chopped onions.Saute’.
Add the boiled moong daal and all spices along with coriander and mint leaves.
Mix well and check spices.
They should be a little stronger and spicer as the tindas are totally bland.

Fill the tindas with the prepared stuffing.
Place them in a non stick pan with a few drops of oil and saute’ them with the lid on for a few minutes,
Both the gourd and daal are cooked, so one just needs to cook it to get away with that boiled taste.


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  1. Nice.. I was wondering how the tindas are red in colour.

  2. This looks so lovely Vaishali. Very unique indeed.and yes, I too thought the pic looks like stuffed tomato not tinda!

  3. Btw, Will miss your posts. Why don't you take pics during your trip and do posts like your Kangra Valley ones?

  4. This is such an interesting and healthy dish..

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  5. Omg, such an irresistible stuffed tinda, seriously am loving that beet water part here..Lovely dish.

  6. Very interesting and delicious recipe!! Looks great :)

  7. for once I thought I dont know what a tinda subzi looks like ...after looking at the red color....:) liked the idea of addingd beetroot water to it :)

    lovely recipe...

    btw...puff pastry rolls were gifted by a frd fron the UK...but I think they are available at crawford market...i will check it out next time and let u know...u can always bring rolls now that u r off to USA though...will miss u for 2 months, have a great time

    1. Pls me too, I have tried finding them so many places but no use! When you come to know a place where they sell puff pastry, do let me know! :)

  8. Vaishali, that is whole new way of cooking tinda (at least for me). I mean I have had tinda do pyaza, I have had bharwa tinda but this is amazing. Gonna try this for sure. And the red color looks awesome.
    PS: I dint know they are called Apple Gourd.

  9. Such a beautiful way of treating the humble tinda. Awe Inspired.

  10. That's very interesting one Vaishali. Trust you to come up with something like this..:)..Enjoy your vacation..we will surely miss you..

  11. The tie and die Tinda looks superb. And have a blast for your

  12. Sorry, got cut off. Have a blast for your vacation!

  13. Wow vaishali!!!! Amazing it looks, what a way to color the tinda!!! Love it totally!!!

  14. Wow vaishali!!!! Amazing it looks, what a way to color the tinda!!! Love it totally!!!

  15. wow super delicious Stuffed Tinda

  16. Very interesting one. I too was wondering whether there are red tindoras I wasn't aware of.:)

  17. Lovely recipe and nice step by step pics. Stuffed tinda looks awesome..
    Have a nice holiday and do share the clicks with us.. We will miss u in BM for sure ...

  18. First I thought they were tomatoes and was wondering I read the post wrong. Cooking tinda in beet water is a very innovative idea. Loved the colour of the final product...

  19. Wow really innovation... awesome recipe

  20. wow, this looks so good. Tempting. Happy dussehara to you and family.
    Have a sandwiches and burgers event on , pl do join in.

  21. beautiful pic Vaishali...and tinda just looks so yummy, as never before...I am so in love with you blog :)


  22. Looks delicious and I love how easy to follow the recipes are. Would love to try it out.
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