Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tiramisu Sundae'

BM # 21  Day 1

We start with a new edition of BM and for the first week I have chosen Kid's Delight Let's Party.So what's the occasion..Valli's blog completes 4years...that's a long way to go, requires so much effort , dedication and above all passion.Lots of wishes to you Valli.For the first day I have prepared a Tiramisu.

A typical Tiramisu has layers of lady fingers(soft sponge cakes),soaked in expresso,alternating with layers of mascarpone cream,a little alchohol and whipped cream,choclate shavings or dusted cocoa to top.

The exotic Italian dessert has been converted into a sundae’,and who else could do a better job than my favorite Tarla Dala. This recipe is from her book  Desserts under 10 minutesKids simply love to indulge into serving this while we grown ups are busy with the guest. My neice ,when barely 8 would arrange everything and would wait for the guest to finish the dinner ,so she could serve this woderful dessert.

Every time we had a dinner she would insist on the Tiramisu Sundae’ times it was okay,but soon I had to teach her some more desserts...well this is how children are,I guess they want to be perfect and praised!,which is only natural.

Coming to the Sundae’
6 icecream
1 cup......................whipped cream( I  substituted with vanilla ice cream)
6 .............................shewsberry cookies(butter cookies  can be used)

To be mixed into a soaking syrup
¼ cup.....................water
1tbsp......................pwd sugar
1tbsp......................instant coffee

Garnish......(choose any)
Choclate shavings
Choclate sauce
Dusted cocoa

Place the cookies in a dish and pour the soaking syrup over it.
Turn the cookies over once so that both sides are evenly coated.
Place one scoop of icecream in a sundae’ glass.
Top with soaked cookies.
Add a layer of cream or one scoop of vanilla icecream and one of coffee icecream.
Top with vanilla icecream/cream.
Drizzle some choclate sauce  and coffee syrup garnishing with a cookie and cherry.

serves two

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  1. looks fabulously mouthwatering...and is better than assembling the actual tiramisu...oved it

  2. that is such a treat!!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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  3. Omg, this is not fair at all Vaishali, you are just torturing me with ur irresistible sundae, yummmm..

  4. So cool and looking irresistible...

  5. Very very inviting. :) Absolutely fantastic job

  6. Loved Pradnya's tiramisu last BM and tried it...and now your easy to assemble version too! Cool!

  7. Ahhh vaishali!!!! Not fair dear , I so want it now!!!!! Very tempting sundae!!!

  8. Ahhh vaishali!!!! Not fair dear , I so want it now!!!!! Very tempting sundae!!!

  9. Ahhh vaishali!!!! Not fair dear , I so want it now!!!!! Very tempting sundae!!!

  10. Thats an awesome dessert!! Very easy to make but very fancy and yummy!!
    Love it.

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  11. Looks so inviting.. Awesome snap...

  12. This is such a wonderful dessert...Would love to have a bite....

    Do check my other blog at

  13. I love love love love it....can't say it more. Amazing recipe, my kids love tiramasu and this one will sure be a super hit at my house. Thanks Vaishali!!!

  14. Woow Isn't it a double treat!!!! enjoying it....looks delish.

  15. You sure know how to tempt us all!! Looks so inviting,Vaishali...

  16. I am your partner for this month's blog hop! Looks like I have alraedy got my recipe. This looks so tempting. :)

  17. Looks so delicious!..not to mention so tempting..

  18. Tempting one. For the syrup, do you use the water which is at room temperature?

    1. yes Suma it can be normal water, you dont have to heat it or cook it..and sorry for getting back late:)