Varo - Sindhi Sweet for Indian Cooking Challenge

Every month Valli announces a traditional Indian dish for the Indian Cooking Challenge.Sometimes these dishes are unheard, sometimes challenging, and at times simple yet pleasing  but traditional. I hate to miss this monthly event, as I feel I get to learn about various cultures too.For this month Valli made it very easy ..she let us choose the recipe from the Challenge page.For me there were a number of dishes, but I choose Varo.

This is a sweet which is made in Sindhi homes. There are two main occasions when it is a made..Diwali and second when the girls get married.It is customary to make Ladoos, Majoon and Vara’s.These are given to the girls along with other sweets and  dryfruits .Varo is something that I have never made.It's always my M.I L or S.I L. who make these things.When I told my S.I.L that  I wanted to make she said, it’s okay you relax ..and yet again I did not make, though I was standing next to her.

Varo can be made in two different ways.First one is the pouring one ,and the other one is where we add extra dry fruit and roll it like a chikki.You can refer to the pics of rolling style here.

The ingredients of Varo vary from family to family and personal taste.Coconut and walnuts are used, but they leave a unwanted flavor if stored for a little longer.Dry dates are crushed and added, but personally I don’t use as it makes it more sweet.

Coming to the recipe…..
1cup.......... sugar
1cup.......... mixed dry fruit (almond, cashew and pistachios)
2tbsp......... poppy seeds
1tsp........... cardamom pwd
1tsp........... ghee
Lemon juice
Before you start preparing grease a thali with ghee and sprinkle some poppy seeds on it.
Coarsely grind the nuts.
Put a tsp of ghee in a pan.
Add sugar and let the sugar melt on full flame.
Stir constantly.
Sometimes the sugar starts crystallizing, if so add a few drops of lemon juice.
As soon as the sugar melts add the nuts and cardamom pwd.
Switch off the gas and mix well. Pour into the prepared greased thali.
Garnish with chopped pistachios and poppy seeds.
Let set and cool.

Normally the Vara's are made in big thali's and after de moulding, just break these with hands, but I made mini ones.
These go to Srivalli's potluck party and Preeti's Let's Party


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