Friday, November 2, 2012

Aaloo Anaar Raita

Today I have another quick recipe  for Magic Mingle with Potato and cumin combo.Kalyani's monthly event is being  hosted by Pradnya.This is a very cooling raita, which is little spicy and at the same time crunchy and sweet due to the pomegranate pearls.A delicious raita which surely attracts your guests or family at the table.I served this with some parathas , but of course it can be served with a biryani as well or with a meal.


What goes in the raita..
Beaten curd,do not add water , it should be nice and thick.
Boiled , finely chopped potatoes.
Finely chopped green chilly.
Finely chopped mint.
Salt to taste.
Mix every thing and chill.
Garnish with cumin pwd, mint leaves and ruby pearls.
Serve chilled.

Roasted cumin pwd
Pomegranate pearls
Mint leaves

MM Nov 12.jpg
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  1. Wow i dont need anything to enjoy this raita, can have it just like it.Delicious!

  2. I LOVE pomegranate seeds. Now is the season and they are everywhere. I must try this unique raita, with potato!

  3. Simple delicious combination, I love the crunch the pomegranate adds!!

  4. Love this Raitha. My favourite

  5. I have had aloo raita and anar raita.. but this combination, I never even thought of. this will be interesting.

  6. i make this raita often but without potatoes, i think it will make a nice texture