Eggless...Perfectly Perfect Chocolate Cake for Eggless Baker's Group

When Gayathri announced this month’s challenge I had absolutely no time to think about it. I had so much on my mind with the coming Blogging Marathon # 25  celebrations  and then the hang over, I completely forgot about the challenge. Finally I decided to bake the cake using the egg replacer that I had got from US.I decided to make half the recipe, but Archana Potdar was all ga ga over this cake and said I would repent later.So, yes I made the full recipe .Made some cup cakes, a bundt cake and a medium cake. Frosted cakes are always eaten by my niece and me, so I just frosted the cake with Chocolate Ganache and sandwiched it with hazelnut filling.

Needless to say the cake turned out delicious, moist and spongy. The beginning was rather rough, ah!..the negligence of reading the recipe and too many things on mind…I did not set the temperature right , and realized only when I saw a burnt top . Thankfully well in time,  I just had to scrape off the top portion .So here is how I made this cake…

Cake batter
1 ¾  all purpose flour
¾  cup cocoa powder
2 cups sugar
1 tsp salt
½ tsp baking powder
2 cups sugar
½ cup vegetable oil
1 cup boiling water
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp  egg replacer + 6 tb sp water
Sieve all the dry ingredients.
Slowly start adding the wet ingredients and beat.
The batter is a little runny.
Bake in prepared tins.

Baking temperature 180 deg C

Baking pans
One pan cake 13 x9 x2”
Three layer cake three 8” pans
Cup cakes  muffin cups 2 ½ “ dia  bake for 22- 25 mins makes 30 cup cakes.

Hazel nut filling
40 gms brown sugar
30 gms double cream
5-6 tsp butter
40 gms hazel nut / nutella
75 gms white chocolate
120 gms dark chocolate
Melt sugar.
Add cream and butter, till a smooth mix is formed.
 Add the pre melted white chocolate.
Add hazel nut / nutella paste.
Mix well.

Assembling the cake
Slice the cake into two.
Moist it with sugar syrup.
Apply the filling.
Cover with the second layer.
Pour chocolate ganache.
Chill and serve.


Enjoy the cake!!

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