Friday, March 8, 2013

Elaichi Chai Cake with White Chocolate and Pistachio Ganache

Glad to be back to Magic Mingle, Ya I did miss a few months in between , but hope to be regular now.This month the combo is rather interesting Pistachio and Tea.The first thought of this combo was a cake, but using pistachios in the cake somehow did not seem anything interesting. 

Well, I did make the cake with tea, but I used the ready pack of Milk maid Creations, It needed just butter and a aerated drink.So I added oil instead of the 50 gms butter, and used 1 cup of good black tea from Tetley Elaichi chai. This had a strong aroma of cardamon. I should have added just a pinch of baking soda,since I did not use the aerated drink...... but completely forgot! 

I frosted the cake with white chocolate ganache, added loads of finely chopped pistachios and finished it up with some chocolate sauce swirl. 

1 pack milkmaid ready cake mix 
50 gms oil / butter 
1 cup hot water 
1 sachet Tetley Elaichi
Mix the ingredients and beat till well combined. 
Bake at 180 deg for 25-30 mins. 
Let cool .

Pistachio Ganache with White Chocolate 
50 gms cream 
100 gms white chocolate 
100 gms Pistachios, chopped 
Heat the cream with white chocolate . 
Let the chocolate melt. 
Switch off the gas and add pistachios. 
Pour on top of the chocolate. 
Drizzle chocolate sauce and some pistachios to finish off. 

The cake had a good flavor of cardamon, but I would use one more sachet to make it stronger. 
A pinch of baking soda should have been used to make it more spongy. 
A little green color could be used to brighten the color. 
The cake tasted good with those nuts on top, the white chocolate gave a very pleasant taste.I was surprised that the cake got over within 30 minutes! 

This Cake of course has been specially baked for Magic Mingle!!

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  1. Lovely recipe Vaishali! And that is the cutest tea set and drawer I have ever seen :)

  2. looks so delicious n inviting...

  3. wow the cake looks superb but the lovely cutlery chest looks even cuter!

  4. Stunning and super tempting cake, looks simply beautiful and gorgeous.Cute presntation.

  5. lovely everything , trecipe, the click , the cute little miniature behind the pic

  6. I like the marbling effect you have given to the cake. Lovely

  7. Love the miniature tea set at the background. :) The cake looks fabulous.

  8. Looks fab !., amongst all te masala chai flavours I like elaichi ... The frosting is sooo. Inviting....

  9. Wow! The cake looks very tempting. The miniature tea set is so cute!

  10. Flavorful cake, looks yummy

  11. Cake looks so nice Vaishali. This month's MM has brought out many unique ideas in cooking...