Faces to Blog Meet.....Mumbai...New York!!

This is a post which I wanted to do since a long time. Okay let me begin from scratch. It was somewhere in September that we planned a trip to US, so we had to fly to Mumbai for our visas. It was a days work , but I wanted to meet my Mumbai fellow bloggers Kalyani and Pradnya so took a two days trip. Three of us had often chit chatted on the phone, but meeting face to face..well Kalyani invited us to Acres Club ,  and in spite of the heavy shower and traffic we managed .

Life in Mumbai is really busy so we decided to keep the meeting short and sweet....only to realize later that we did not realize how time had flown by...we had spent nearly 3 hours ! We did not take any time to mingle, it was instant clicking.  In spite of the common interest Food, we spoke about our families and a lot of personal things. Of course the BM # 25 plan meet plans had started earlier, so we discussed that too.While gossiping we ordered watermelon juice and dosas.

hey did you all notice that all three of us are in green?..What a  a coincidence!!

Now to tell you guys something about Kalyani. She is a wonderful person and very friendly, and a straight forward person. Pradnya , well since some of you have already met her, need not know as to what a wonderful planner she is! Very enthusiastic! I can't believe that she has already started planning  for BM # 50!!

So this is a little about my first meet with my fellow bloggers of BM. Some of you might be wondering that I have been talking about BM ..., but what is BM?Okay BM is a monthly event hosted by Srivalli on her blog Spice your Life. Themes are announced every 16 th of the month and we choose to cook dishes based on these themes thrice a week for 4 weeks. You do have a option to choose to cook for two weeks also.

Now moving on , we got our visas for US. The excitement began because I knew a fellow blogger of BM stayed in New York. Mireille ! We exchanged a few mails and decided to meet.  MIreille would come and pick me from my cousin's house in Queens. I was carrying some home made Kaju mithai, Nutty fig rolls, choorans, suparis a paniyaram  pan for Mireille......I guess that was it...

The meal that I served Mirieille

Mireille had coordinated with Usha Rao and we planned to meet her for the yearly popular Chocolate Show that New York has. But before that Mireille had to pick me, I was in a new country and dared not travel on my own. Since she was coming I decided to make some Indian brunch for her, with Tridaali daal, gobhi aaloo, and my favorite Aaloo anaar raita.

I was carrying some ready made baakhris and theplas , so that completed the meal.Of course we had some Indian Mithais which I had carried, I wanted her to taste as much  Indian stuff  as possible........I know she must be thinking what a crazy lady!

We traveled by the subway and reached the chocolate show, met Usha, another BM member. Usha was friendly too, but I guess she did' nt get much chance to talk between two chatter boxes . Right Mireille?the chocolate show was itself some experience, where we discovered a lot of new things about this sinful ingredient. I guess Mireille has done a post on it, so you can go and read on her blog. After the show we went to a South Indian restaurant , that was the time when we actually sat down to chat. Mireille made sure she took me to the best Baker shop and then to a spice shop which drove me nuts, it had spices from all over the world.I did pick some...though have ' nt used them as yet. Mireille was sweet enough to drop me back , and I guess my hubby was relieved to see me back. Through out my 20 days in US, we would talk practically everyday on phone, My constant effort was to persuade her to come to India for the Big Day!

Glimpses of the chocolate show

The meal that we ordered!

A toast with Chocolate shots!

It was really sweet of Mireille to come to say goodbye  the day I was leaving and she got a bag full of goodies..some of which I have yet to use..but promise to do so very soon.  I wish I could have captured it all, but due to unavoidable circumstances could not do so. 

Thanks Mireille...this post  was due since long..but better late than never!! 

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