Sunday, March 10, 2013

Farsaan Sev

BM # 26   Day 1

The second week of BM # 26 starts today and for the next two days I shall cook under the theme Kid's Delight Back to Hostel  .In short food with a good shelf life and enjoyed by kids!

Sev is a crisp vermicelli made of gram flour and is used to top almost all chaats. It is not only for toppings but relished as such too. A farsaan shop would be full of different varieties of this sev. Different flavors like pepper sev, spinach sev, garlic sev are quite popular. I like the moadi sev for kids, as this has just salt and my little kiddos love it. Personally I like the jaadi teekhi sev, which is thick and spicy.This sev has a very good shelf life if stored in zip locks.I am sure if you pack these and send to the kidds  they will love it.

For today I have made three varieties of sev.

Moadi Sev
1 cup Bengal gram flour
2 tbsp hot oil
¼ tsp asafoetida
¼ tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying
Combine the flour, oil, asafoetida, salt and turmeric powder .
Adding very little water bind a soft dough.
Fill the dough in a sev press, and press out thin strands into the hot oil.
Deep fry on slow flame till light brown and crisp.

Pepper Sev
Add ½ tsp of pepper to the above recipe.

Jaadi Teekhi sev
Add 1tsp of red chilly powder and ¼ tsp of garam masala and press out thick strands. 


For a quick and spicy snack, add some chopped green chilly, onion ,tomatoes, chat masala. Drizzle some lemon  juice and enjoy!

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  1. Wow I love this and my younger one says he loves it too..:)

  2. Home-made sev are so much delicious than the store bought ones. And, the best part is you can adjust the seasoning as per your taste. Love it!

  3. I would prefer that teekhi sev, can feel the teekha in my mouth!!! Delicious!!!

  4. Aah I still wish tasting the fresh sev from Mom's kitchen :) Delish.

  5. send me to hostel with this, no issues, this is looking lip smacking

  6. Crunchy munchies, i thought rice flour is added in this farsaan sev,thanks for sharing this crispies.

  7. I love the milk farsaan sev. Just love love love it! And the red counter top in the background in the pic where the sev flour is being pressed into the hot oil reminds me of our visit to your house. Wonderful memories!

  8. Oops! Not milk farsaan. I meant the plain salted farsaan sev

  9. These are my fav! I love the way you have presented it.

  10. Addictive crunchies.And love ur idea for a quick snack :)

  11. Love Sev all the time. It is my daughter's fav too. And the last chaat idea is very nice. Need to try it out Vaishali...

  12. These are definitely addictive! Love all the versions of sev :)

  13. That looks very crunchy Vaishali and that last line about the it:-)

  14. These are all time favorite. Even my kids like the one with salt. We use to add rice flour for crispy. Without that I haven't tried need to try this once

  15. These are such a classic snack. Love this. I am sure any hostel kid would love to snack on this :)

  16. I like the skinny sev :-) Crunchy & yummy sev is my husband & son's favorite snack.

  17. Love that whole pack. What an ideal snack for hostel!!!

  18. would love to grab the delicious sev... so great with piping coffee
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