Paav Bhaji Khakhra

BM # 26   Day 3

I have never sent my children to a hostel, but my friends who had children studying abroad have constantly been worried as to what the kids would be eating there. Besides one always feels the children like home goodies and they wait whenever there is a festival or some friend or relative coming in. Khakhras are very popular here in Gujrat and have a very good shelf life. Made of wheat flour, these are crunchy and flavorful.I have made some simple khakhras too, for the ICC and those too make a great snack for the kids.These are a are a wonderful substitute for our rotis .

150 gms whole wheat flour
4 tbsp oil
1 big tomato , crushed
1 tsp garlic , chopped
1 tsp red chilly powder
1 tsp pav bhaji masala
Heat oil.
Add garlic.
Add the spices and saute’ for 5-7 minutes.
Take the flour in a bowl.
Add the prepared cooled puree’.
Do not add hot puree’ as this cracks will appear in the khakhras.
Bind a semi soft dough.
Make small balls from this dough.
Roll into chapattis, but they should be paper thin..
Finish rolling all chapatis.
Switch on the gas and cook the chapatis, making sure they do not have a single blister.
They should be half done.
Remove from the gridle and apply ghee to each chapati.
Sprinkle paav bhaji masala.
Stack them one on top the other.
Once these are done let them cool and come to room temperature.
Heat the gridle and place one chapati on the gridle.
Press the chapatti with a kitchen towel starting from the sides and coming to the centre.
Flip it over and repeat the process.
You will have to switch off and on the gas to maintain the absolute low temperature.
Once the khakra is crisp, remove from the gridle and let cool.
Repeat with the rest of chapatis.
On cooling they shall become dry , crisp and crunchy.
Store them once they cool down.


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