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BM # 27   Day 14
Traditional : Bengali

I have never cooked Bengali Cuisine, though I have a Bengali friend and have eaten at her place a couple of times. I have enjoyed this cuisine , the only hitch is the addition of little sweetness in it. I surfed hard and finally worked from a mix of two three recipes , all had a little sugar , but I decided to omit it.

The Aaloor Dum are very different from the Kashmiri or Awadhi  Dum Aaloos. These are much lighter and have a pleasant taste. I actually cannot compare the taste of all three, they all taste equally good . The truth is I am a Aaloo fan.

The combination of Luchi with Aaloo is mind blowing, the Luchi is really soft and melts in the mouth, you surely crave to eat more. Since ours is a family of health freaks , I just made luchis for the blog, and I was the one to eat one of the luchis....I would have easily had many more but......maida and then fried it' a absolute no no.

The tomato and date chutney is something that you will go on licking. The recipe did not have any chilly powder, but I added it and the addition of tamarind pulp, which is optional , made it absolutely yum. The sweetness of dates, tanginess of tamarind and the spiciness of red chillies, to top it all the sprinkling of coarsely ground panach poran made it really flavorful, a flavor to die for. I am glad I made it in a larger quantity as this surely can be stored for a week . ( wonder if it will last that long).

I had never tried Mishti Doi . I have lot of phobias with food and want them in my style. Curd , has to be served with salt and pepper, can't dare to eat it sweet, but I actually took the dare and tried and trust me tasted it too.I guess one needs to develop a taste , and that's about it.It actually was not bad, I read a lot of recipes for this Doi, some were with condensed milk, some with date Jaggery, but evolved a new one .I did not have the date Jagger y so decided to use dates only.Hubby dear loved it and has asked me to make it regularly.
So let's get to the recipes....

Aaloor Dum
15 round potatoes, little larger than baby potatoes, boiled and peeled 
½ cup onion paste 
½ tsp ginger, grated 
½ tsp garlic paste 
½ cup tomato puree 
¼ cup yogurt 
½ tsp turmeric pwd 
1 tsp red chilly pwd 
3 green cardamons 
2-3 bay leaves 
2-3 cloves 
1’’ cinnamon stick 
Pinch asafoetida 
Salt to taste 
Heat 1 tbsp oil. 
Add the peeled potatoes. 
Saute’ with salt and turmeric pwd, till golden. 
Keep aside. 
Heat oil. 
Add onion paste, ginger and garlic. 
Cook till pink. 
Add the bay leaves, cardamon, cloves and cinnamon. 
Add tomato puree’ 
Cook till dry. 
Add the dry spices and cook for a few minutes. 
Add little water and let the spices cook. 
Add beaten curd and the potatoes and simmer, the gravy should coat the potatoes well.


1 cup all purpose flour 

1 tbsp oil 
Salt to taste 
Combine all the ingredients. 
Bind the dough with luke warm water. 
Let rest for 30 minutes. 
Divide the dough into 8-10 balls. 
Roll into discs and deep fry. 
These will puff up. 
Do not make them golden. 

Tomato Khejur Chaatni

6 tomatoes, roughly chopped 
20 -30 seedless dates , chopped 
2 tsp mustard oil 
Pinch turmeric 
1 tsp red chilly pwd 
1 tsp ginger juice 
½ cup water 
½ cup sugar 
2 tbsp tamarind pulp 
1 tsp paanch poran mix, lightly crushed 
Heat oil. 
Add the mustard seeds, let splutter. 
Add tomatoes,salt and a pinch of turmeric. 
Cover and cook on slow fire. 
Add dates and ginger juice, once the tomatoes are done. 
Add sugar, red chilly pwd and water and let cook on slow fire. 
Cook till all the moisture dries up. 
Add tamarind pulp. And cook for another minute. 
Sprinkle the ground paanch poran powder. 

Mishti Doi 
 1 lt milk 
1/2 cup seedless date
½ tsp curd 
Boil milk and reduce it to half. 
Blend the dates. Bring the milk to room temperature. 
Stir in yogurt till well mixed . 
Leave it to set. 
It is summers here and it took me exactly 3 hours to set the Mishti doi. 
The setting varies with the weather, in winters you might need to leave it to set overnight. 

I served some of this meal to a Bengali guy, who was staying at the hotel for a conference... he loved this meal ,he smiled and said...It seems I have to send my wife to you to learn Bengali Cooking!!Could I have asked for more?Bengali Cuisine approved by a Bengali himself!!

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