Carrot Pickle

BM # 27   Day 19
Seasonal : Winter

This is a pickle recipe ,which I had been searching since years.My granny used to make this and it was everyone's favorite. Mom does not make any pickles and just could not recollect the measurements ...strange , but I got this recipe from a book by the Sindhi's living in Japan!...So here is a winter pickle . I made from 5 kgs carrots, but of course you can scale down as per need.

2 kgs red carrots
1 bunch fresh green garlic, tops and greens, chopped finely.

Pickle masala
5 tbsp ground fennel
8 tbsp mustard seeds, ground
6 tbsp red chilly pwd
3 tbsp turmeric powder
3 tb sp salt
3 cups mustard oil

How to go about
Peel and wash the carrots and cut them into 2" pieces.
Slit them cross wise, making sure the piece remains intact.
Mix in the green garlic.
( in case you do not get the fresh garlic, you could dried garlic. 2 -3 whole cloves of garlic, which has been ground)
Mix the spices with the oil
Fill in the slits .
Place them in a sterilized jar , pour some oil and cover the lid tightly.
Give a good shake.
This shall take about 5-6 days to get ready, but make sure to keep it in shade and shake the jar at least twice a day.

Since I made this pickle for my BM friends I wanted it to be really well packed. I used pet jars, lined them with a plastic bag , filled them with the pickle and secured the plastic bag with a cotton thread. The lid should be tightly closed.

For extra protection, I put these jars in another plastic bag.I covered the lids with a muslin cloth, tying it all around with a jute string.

The tag is a carrot made from craft appear, the stalk has been made with crepe paper. Just label your tag and slip it in the jute string .

You could draw different veggies or fruits to make your tags.These can also be made by drawing on a white paper and then filling with colors. The kids love doing such activities , so let them also get involved along with you.

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Okay This is a dual post...where you get a bit of craft too!!

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