Choco Strawberry Pudding

BM # 27   Day 20
Seasonal: Summer

The Strawberries are still in season, well even if they are not, just dig out the frozen ones. The dessert is nice and chilled and absolutely appropriate for those summer evenings.Here is a simple dessert that you can whip up in a jiffy, if you have the cake ready.Well, you could even substitute the cake with crumbled chocolate biscuits!

Chocolate cake
Strawberries, sliced
Milk pudding
Whipped cream
Sugar strands
Grapes for garnish

Milk pudding
500 ml milk
4 gms agar agar
Sugar to taste
Place milk to boil.
Add agar agar and let dissolve while the milk boils.
Once it is dissolved add sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract.

Assembling the dessert
Place a layer of chocolate cake as the bottom layer.
Pour the milk pudding, while it is still warm.
Let set, it took me about 10 minutes in these glasses.
Put a layer of strawberries.
Pipe some whipped cream
Pour the caramelized sugar.
Spun some strands with this sugar and garnish.
Thread a grape in a tooth pick and add that extra garnish.

The pudding has a wonderful flavor, where you begin with the crunch of caramel with  whipped cream..the sweetness of strawberries, the mild milk pudding and finally the cake!! and don't worry you can use some other fruit too!!

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