Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney Themed Birthday Party Decor

BM # 26   Day 25
Crafts: Mickey Mouse themed Birthday Party

Organizing Birthday parties is so much fun, specially when you are doing the decor also. 
It was my grandson’s second birthday and his love for Mickey made us decide on a Mickey theme party. 

For me colors play an important part where decor is concerned, red, yellow  black and white are The Mickey colors, so I stuck to those.Today for the 24th day of this marathon I shall tell you how to go about with the Mickey Mouse Decorations that I did. 

To begin with a Back Drop and the Birthday Table 

We decided to use a round table for the cake. Red and white polka dotted fabric covered the table, and the top was covered with red fabric. We tied red and white balloons in the front and dangled some yellow curling ribbons. 

The back drop was a black and white dotted fabric with the Birthday banner in the center and balloons and ribbons on either side. 

The Birthday Banner 
The birthday banner was made in three parts. 
The first one said HAPPY 
The second said BIRTHDAY 
And the third the birthday baby’s this case AVYAAN.. 

So in all I cut 19 triangles in red , yellow, black and white.The red and black triangles were glued with polka dots. 
I picked up a 3d bold font and printed the alphabets, cut them and painted them.These were then glued to the triangles. 
On either side of the triangle holes have to be punched and with the help of a satin ribbon we joined the triangles to make the banner. 
Make sure you leave enough ribbon on the sides..we need to tie all the pieces and the finished product too !! 
Similarly join the Birthday and name triangles. 
Once we have all three banners,tie the first one straight  and work on the placement of the second and third one as to your back drop. 

Next come the Streamers 

For streamers we simply downloaded mickey images and pasted on round card stock , punched a hole on top and bottom.we tied red satin ribbons at the top which were attached to a transparent thread and a curling ribbon at the bottom. 

We had some mickey shadows cut from black card stock to put all around the walls. 

 Ready Mickey stickers were used on the walls too. 

Mickey games 

Well since we had a mixed age group we had a few games.. 

Can knock down 

We took pepsi cans and covered these with red and black papers, a few polka dots on the red paper. 

Mickey Khoi Bag 

This was a ready made one , but one can easily paint one! 

The rest of the activity's were what we normally have in parties..the ball bouncer, the tattoo corner. 

knock down cans

Khoi bag

Fun after the khoi bag

The cake was Disney themed and made by one of our special friends, who is into a baking profession, yes some of you know .....Cream and Crunch!......right ?

We loved the party as much as the kids did!

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  1. Thats a beautiful birthday party, disney theme is always kid's favourite..Love that can knock down game, my kids are grown up now, may be i'll plan this kind of themed parties for my future grand childrens.LOlz..

  2. I really thought it was professionally done, Vaishali. The decor, I mean. Good that everyone had a great time at the party. Tell CnC that the cake looks superb!

  3. Love the banner and the cute Mickey yeahs hanging from the ceiling. For ikshu's 1stbirthday I too used baby Mickey. You'll see it in a post this week :)

  4. Love the decor! I am sure the kids would have ahd a blast!

  5. Wow this is awesome. Love the preps. I cannot say anything but love the entu with which everything is made. Love the last pic the most

  6. I guess everyone had a blast at the party.

  7. Avyaan is such a cute name.. Thanks for the pictures and the ideas Vaishali.

  8. I love the last picture, that aptly puts how well the party went by. Thats really one very informative post Vaishali, very useful for people who want to organize.

  9. Interesting theme, nice decoration ideas.

  10. so professionally!!Loved the decor.....lovely

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