Guru Nanak Jayanti ... Langar and Kadah Prasad

BM # 27   Day 1
Occasion: Celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti with Langar and Kadah Prasad

From today we start a month long Blogging Marathon, so you will be seeing a post everyday, We have four themes, one week for each theme.The themes that we shall be working on are...

Week 1. Occasions
Week 2. Traditional
Week 3. Seasonal
Week 4.  Arts / crafts / Miscellaneous

Today's post is under the theme occasions and we begin by celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti. In our families whenever we begin some new venture, Kadah Prasad is a must. So beginning our month long marathon here is a langar with Kadah Prasad.

Langar is the food that is served in Gurudwaras. This is free food service, where the food is simple and is prepared and served by volunteers called sevadars. Their menus are normally fixed and in most Gurudwaras we find them serving whole gram, the black or kaali daal as popularly known . They serve a dry vegetable, some salad or curd. The chapatis are normally quite large.

Any function that is held in Gurudwaras be it a wedding or paath , Kadah Prasad is a must .It is normally prepared by the ragis or sevadars. 

Kadah Prasad is a sweet, which is flour based, you can call it halwa too.This is regarded food blessed by the Guru. All devotees who visit the Gurudwaras receive this Prasad .It holds a lot of importance in Sikh religion.The religion gives prescribed method of preparing, distribution and the way of receiving the Kadah Prasad.

The Prasad has to be prepared after bathing, one has to be bare footed and cover the head .while the Prasad is being made holy scriptures ( Wahe Guru ) is recited.The Prasad has to be accepted with cupped paper cups or napkins.

Recently when we had a paath for my dad the ragis made this Kadah Prasad.I was very keen to learn the right method.I stood next to the sewadaar while he prepared the prasad, stirred it a couple of times and chanted the hymns. The recipe has lots of ghee, but this is how it is, and I have  not changed it . This Prasad does not have any kinds of nuts or flavoring. The logic behind it is that it has to be soft so a lick from it can be given to a little baby..and at the same time an old man who does not have any teeth can also eat it.

1 cup coarse ground wheat flour
1 tsp gram flour
1 cup ghee
1 cup sugar
2 cups water
Heat the ghee.
Add the flours .
 Roast till pinkish golden and till you get that wonderful aroma.
Add water, but gradually.
Add sugar and give a few vigorous stirs.
Transfer to a clean bowl, cover with a lid and a fresh napkin.

Langar ke Gobhi Aaloo
1 cauliflower, cut into big flowers
2 potatoes, cut into big pieces
1 tsp cumin seed
2 green chillies
1'' piece ginger julienne
1/4 tsp red chilly powder
1 tsp coriander powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
Boil the cauliflower and potatoes separately , till 90 percent cooked.
Drain the excess water.
Heat oil.
Add cumin seeds, green chilly and ginger.
Add the spices and then cauliflower and potatoes.
Simmer for a few minutes till the veggies are done.

rotis being made at a langar

food being served at a langar

The incense  that I have used here was a set of candles and incenses gifted by PJ
Logo courtesy: Preeti 

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