Sunday, April 7, 2013

Make your own Dessert ..Ice cream and Toppings

BM # 27   Day 7
Occasion : Celebrating Victory ..Cricket World Cup 

I wonder how many of you are cricket fans ? I was a great fan of cricket matches and as a school girl would take a mini transistor with head phones to school. The transistor would be tucked in side the inner pocket of the blazer and the head phone wire covered with my hair. Throughout the cricket season I refused to plait my hair and tie ribbons.The teachers would sometimes catch me, only because of my expressions .I would literally jump up if something exciting would happen.

Times have changed and now I see my children in that similar state. My children are great fans of this sport, and we have huge gatherings with my son 's friends coming in to watch matches at our place. The atmosphere during the World Cup was very exciting , but I guess that is there for most crucial matches here in Ahmadabad The roads get totally deserted . People are crazy here, special cracker shops open up during the cricket season , you see every six a cracker has to burst, every opposition wicket is gone crackers are burst .People who are not glued to the TV are automatically updated ........yes, by the sound of crackers!

This is party time, specially when there are signs of victory...celebration time , and what better than Ice cream to celebrate? Here is our little party to celebrate the victory of the World Cup , where everyone helps themselves to the ice-cream and various toppings along with chocolate sauce and Nutella. Do join in the celebrations on the 7th day of this marathon.

Here is what I put together....
vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Sauce
Wafer Biscuits
Chopped Strawberry
Black Grapes
Chopped Almonds
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate bits of Peppery Lemon Chocolate

With all these toppings the ice cream leads you to a totally new dimension . I like to keep only one flavor of ice cream, that being Vanilla.This is such a versatile one and anything and everything tastes heavenly with this. How ever if at all you wish to add one more flavor, then you must choose to keep Coffee! The toppings , of course can vary . Seasonal fruits like Mango, Cherry taste awesome .The other variations with toppings could be...Blueberries, Cranberries, Walnuts,Hazel nuts, Oreo cookies, even the sauces could vary.....Caramel, Mocha....oh the list is endless! .......go on ...think....!

okay let's indulge in a sinful treat!!..before we leave for a drive on the streets of Ahmadabad .The streets are overcrowded and people shout slogans and play trumpets ,dhols and bugles to celebrate the victory.They stop all the vehicles and greet these passerbys , apply tilaks..such is the victory  scene here..

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  1. Omg am lost, dunno wat to chose, shall i go with all?? very tempting.

  2. OMG OMG! i want all of them Vaishali all of them. Indivisually then mixed together. Quite a glutton I am I know. :) <3

  3. This is too much Vaishali! so much and I can't have anything..:(..I must land at your place the next time you have ice cream party ok, so many toppings, of course mine would be just chocolate pls!

  4. Oh this is a wonderful idea for any party! Even if you can't put together an elaborate menu, an ice-cream table set up will surely looks appealing. Wonderful idea Vaishali.

  5. What a great party idea. Ice cream buffet. Looks too inviting. My husband and son would love this. Thanks for the lovely pics and the idea.

  6. That is definitely a great party idea..Last time I had an ice cream spot at a party at home and it was the post popular one both with kids and adults :)

  7. I am no cricket fan, but would love to join this party anytime :)Its just too good...In fact, I am thinking of stealing this idea right away!

  8. I want almonds, strawberries and more almonds and chocolate sauce please <3

  9. Amazing idea with number of topping, falling in love with those chilled... im going to dig my freezer....

  10. Wow!!looks inviting and drooling over the pictures..

  11. I can never imgaine you to be so naughty in school!!! And imagining that now, I am literally grinning when you jumped excitedly :)
    I am a huge cricket fan and MIL gives me an excellent company!
    As for the topping, I am going to have them all...

  12. Wonderful dessert, nice idea for parties.

  13. I too was a cricket fan while I was in India and can understand the enthusiasm. :) I was thinking on similar lines for the last week. The icecream looks delectable with all the toppings.

  14. I am not a cricket fan but would love to be a part of this god...u whip up such exotic stuff