Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Packing Chocolates / Candies

BM # 27   Day 30
Crafts:Packing with Piping bags

Ever thought of using your piping bags for packing ? Well I have used these to pack some chocolates and candies. If you do not have a piping bags,which I doubt ,  you could always make a cone from a transparent paper, or any colored paper.

The supplies used here are  simple and easily available, how ever you can always pick the idea and use different materials.It is all about creativity with availability.This craft comes to you on the last day of this month's long marathon.

Here is what you need
Piping bags / paper cones
Rubber bands
Paper strips / quilling strips
A paper knife to curl the strips

How to go about
Fill the piping bag with candies or chocolates, leave a little space at the top.
Secure it tightly with a rubber band.
Take some paper strips, these could either be shredded paper , or quilling strips.
Make sure you choose colors to compliment the occasion.
Tie a knot with these strips.
Rotate a organza ribbon around this and tie a simple knot.
Tuck in a feather.

And here you are ..with a attractive pack of candies!!

It sure has been a fun filled Marathon, where we all have given our best and we need to thank Valli for making us active with blogging.Not only that , we have learnt about the various occasions celebrated all over, the traditional food served and of course the seasonal dishes..not to miss the crafting section, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Commenting sure has had pressure points, but still fun.Thank you guys, have enjoyed reading each and everyone's post. Ending with a sweet note......

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  1. Packing chocolates and candies in piping bags sounds brilliant..very cute packing.

  2. This is a superb idea Vaishali. Way to make and looks cool. Even store bought toffees or chocolates will look great packed this way

  3. Great idea simple and cute bags perfect fr gift.

  4. Vaishali, as expected you gave the final one a very fitting idea!..I really enjoyed your 30 day blogging. I have learnt and enjoyed so much. Your enthusiasm is quite hard to meet, you are as always so inspiring for us..thanks.

  5. Vaishali these are awesome. Something within my range of art. :) I am glad I participated in the BM and it would not have been possible if you had not encouraged me all along. Thnaks a lot.

  6. Wonderful idea,loved the way you packed the chocolates and candies..

  7. Those feathers in there make these packs super cool! It was nice to be part of this long marathon. Your posts were as inspiring as ever!!

  8. Love what is inside those bags. :)

  9. Wow.. lovely packaging... next tym i will try this packaging style for gifting candies and chocolates.

  10. Vaishali, that's genius idea. Will try it for my kid's school giveaways.

  11. They look so pretty and a neat packing idea... :)

  12. Omg!!!I wish i was the recipient of this lovely package!!!