Packing Nature's Way

BM # 27 Day 29 
Crafts: Packing with Natural Materials

When it comes to packing we have a whole lot of materials to choose from. We have lot of easily available artificial stuff , but working with natural products has it’s own charm. These  surely work out more expensive, but well worth it.Today I shall pack and decorate my boxes with Natural materials,. 

I am sure you all have seen and know about raffia  Raffia is a natural fiber that is made from the leaves of a variety of palm tree.The large leaves are harvested, and dried and we get these long raffia strands.The raffia can be dyed to different colors. This is very versatile and is normally used by crafters, florists. You remember those rustic hand woven bags..well they are from raffia. 

Next I have dried some oranges, you could do that in a microwave or an oven.One just has to be careful, as these burn very fast. In fact I too burnt them, but I shimmered the little damage. 

So pick up your old rustic boxes , cane boxes, tie them with raffia  adorn them with dried leaves from the garden and a slice of dried orange or lemon . 

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