Recycling Sweet Boxes

BM # 27   Day 27
Craft: Recycling Sweet / Mithai Boxes

During the wedding season, we get lot of sweet boxes along with the invitation card. The sweets get over, but what do you do with the empty boxes?Normally these boxes are thrown away.Right? From now on store these boxes and recycle them, they can be used to pack just about anything.

As soon as I get a sweet box I first try to transfer the contents to another box, so the box does not get dirty and can be reused for packing some home made goodies. 27th day of this BM and we shall recycle boxes!

What you need...
Empty box
Some papers
Ready flowers and leaves

How to go about
Normally the boxes have some kind of logo or names of the two getting married, so make sure to cover this.
Stick a doily paper , it gives a lacy effect.
In one corner stamp some leaves, and fill some color in leaves.
Glue a paper flower and a tiny heart sentiment.

If you do not have stamps, you could just draw some leaves, or cut some leaves from green paper.
I have used ready flower but you can make your own flowers. some of the flowers that you can make are here and here.

After Packing granola bars in this box, I realized that there was some empty spaces between the pieces, so I filled those gaps with a few pearls.
Your pretty box is ready!

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