Sindhi Pickles

BM # 27   Day 18
Seasonal : Winter

While we are in winter season, I would like to tell you that this is the time when we have lots of pickles. These pickles are oil free and have a shelf life of a week or so.They have to be prepared fresh and it takes two to three days for it to get ready.
I have blogged about one such pickle before, this time they have been made separately . The winter vegetables like Turnips, cauliflower, carrot, black carrot, onions are the most commonly used veggies for this pickle.I also make the same pickle with sarso, mustard stalks.Unfortunately the pickle had got over and I did not have good mustard stalks to make some more.

The water from the pickle is relished as it is sour and tastes wonderful with some curries or rice preparations.So let's enjoy these pickles on the 18th day of this marathon.

Preparing the veggies
Turnips peel, chop into cubes and boil 50%
Carrots peel , cut into 2-3 " long strips
Onion peel , wash and slit cross wise keeping the onion intact
Cauliflower, clean remove the stalks and cut into medium sized pieces.
Mustard stalks chop just the stalk, separating it from the leaf, peel the outer layer.
Red chilly powder
Turmeric powder

Other ingredients
Fresh green garlic
Cumin seed, coarsely ground

Turnip, carrot, cauliflower and onion are made in the same way, one needs to add the dry spices and green garlic to these pickles. In case you do not get fresh garlic, you can still make the pickle, it will not make much difference.

Basic Recipe
250 gms vegetable
2 1/2 - 3 tsp mustard powdered
1 tsp red chilly powder
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
2 tbsp fresh garlic ( optional )
In a sterilized jar, put the chopped vegetables, spices and garlic.
Shake well.
Pour water , covering the veggies.
Put away for 3 days.

Mustard stalks
It is made in the similar manner, but garlic is not used.


Turnips..oops! they are over boiled!


Kaali Gaajar Kaanji

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The wooden spoons are a gift from Kamallika

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