The Big Fat Burger with Olives and Jalapenos

Every time I go to for my purchases to the Reliance Market, I always pick up wheat buns.Every time I make these burgers my husband likes to make a different patty, he is an expert with these. He makes them really healthy.This week it is Burgers for the week end cooking.This particular burger was made for my son and was a spicy one, you could use plain ketchup instead of those chilly sauces, but trust we with those sauces and jalapenos it tasted super. 

What you need 
Burger Buns 
Red chilly sauce 
Green chilly sauce 
Herb dressing (I used lemon pepper) 
Parmesan Cheese powder (feel free to use slices or grated cheese)

4 boiled potatoes 
1 cup mix vegetables (broccoli, beans, carrots, peas) 
2 slices jumbo bread , made into crumbs
1 tsp ginger garlic chilly paste 
Pinch garam masala
Salt to taste 
Chop the veggies very finely and boil them with minimum water. 
Strain and squeeze out the water. 
Reserve this for kneading your chapati dough or as stock. 
Mash the boiled potatoes, add the mixed vegetables, paste crumbs and salt. 
Mix well, make patty's and roast them on a non stick pan.

Assembling the burger
Apply butter on both sides. 
On one side squeeze red and green chilly sauce. 
On the other side place some salad. 
Add a nice big spoon of mayo. 
Place a patty. 
Olives and Jalapenos go on top of the patty. 
Some dressing and cheese. 
Cover the burger with the second half which has been drizzled with sauces. 
Serve with salad and sauces. 

This burger is huge, has a nice big fat patty..and one burger is more than enough as a meal.The patty ingredients can vary, but olives and jalapenos give it a wonderful taste. 

I had got some lemon pepper dressing from US, but you could use basic salt and pepper , along with the herbs you have.A little change here and there and a new burger will be created. 
Do check what my friends, Valli and Champa have cooked over the weekend.

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